Bald Eagle

she flew in front of me
wings spread wide

landed on a tree quite close
 a feathered being of the sky

an obvious queen
there is no denying

we are in the midst of a 3 day snow storm

this sweet little creek photo was taken before the storm began
I think we have 8" so far, two more days to go

I think winter is showing off at this point ;-)



Winter Magic

it was a cold night
perfect for crystals to visit our winter realm

then the sun rose above the forest of conifers
lighting the crystals
offering sparkles

for a morning
they glowed
offering magic for all to behold

ice crystals

I hope every one is safe and warm through all this cold weather. 
Though cold here, it is not like so much of the country. 
Be safe. 



Eartly Morning Forest Wander

before the sun revealed the blue of sky
in the early morning light 

 which barely kissed her world
she pulled on tall wool socks
bundled in cashmere, mittens and hat

wandered into the woods
frost transformed the trees
into nearly glowing beings

tracks revealed 
night time wanderers
in winter wonderland

winter has been mild in the NW corner of Montana
until last week 
when we woke to a foot of new snow

winter if feeling quite sincere now