Sunrise and Beyond

the sun began to light up the world

as the clouds shifted and danced in the sky

we walked a forested path
that brought us to this pristine vista

our day overflowed with immense beauty

with theater in the sky

sharing with:
Skywatch Friday 




there they were
dining in the lake

heads bowed
below the surface of the water

eating lake bottom plants
in the evening light

a dear 
touching sight

the calf stayed near
its mom

as she ate
for hours

alert to every sound

such an honor to sit at the forests edge
to be near them



Morning Dew

a meadow full of flowers
sprinkled with morning dew

behold magic
of Prairie Smoke
upon a tender and sincere gaze

a morning celebration
of light and teeny water droplets

a tantilizing realm 
common magic

each silvery pink strand of the seed head
seems to have the artist called wind within

do you have a favorite image?


ST. Mary Lake

at the shore
find heaven on earth

abundant life
big sky
aqua waters flow

mountains grand
life is good 
in the land of wild Montana



Under the Birch Tree

I went to visit my paper birch tree
spied bright lemon yellow
what could that be?
Wow, a yellow mushroom!
There are three. 

I am enjoying carrying a mirror
so that I can see what mushrooms look like underneath 
without picking them.

I believe they are Yellow Swamp Russula
if you think they are something else, let me know.

Indian pipe are beginning to rise through the earth
such wonderfully interesting plants

found some other wonderful characters
with their super wide lower stems:

I am told they are Field Blewit's
I think of them as little beings.

mornings have been colder than my ponds water
creating wonderful mist dances:

this morning I had fawns in my yard, so cute

this mamma had triplets
maybe some day I will get a photo of all three
sometimes it is hard to leave home
so much happens here