Lovely Equinox to you, Autumnal or Vernal

: yesterday

: in town, trees at all stages are donning new colors
: Kokanee Salmon are spawning

: sunsets hold sacred light

: the river is lined with gold and green

: high mountain roads free of snow, still beckon 

: forest plants share their autumn colors


wishing you all 
a rich Equinox!


Two Medicine

I went to Two Medicine this weekend
sunshine called for another camping trip

the wind never paused
not once!

clouds rose from the tops of mountains
as though they were the mountain's breath
a wonderful show as
they moved and changed shape swiftly

Running Eagle Falls is a well loved waterfall

earlier in the year, Spring and Early summer
 water also flows from the top of the falls:



Autumn is Dancing with Summer

watery eye candy

the spirit of autumn breathed on a summer leaf and look what happened

music to my ears and eyes

a couple weeks ago.... just a tinge of gold in the woodland

another glimpse of Many Glacier

a visitor at my pond

along a tiny brook
high mountain flowers

traveled over the mountains
a long dirt road
came upon a black bear

a bit of this
a bit of that
summer leans into autumn



Sunrise and Beyond

the sun began to light up the world

as the clouds shifted and danced in the sky

we walked a forested path
that brought us to this pristine vista

our day overflowed with immense beauty

with theater in the sky

sharing with:
Skywatch Friday 




there they were
dining in the lake

heads bowed
below the surface of the water

eating lake bottom plants
in the evening light

a dear 
touching sight

the calf stayed near
its mom

as she ate
for hours

alert to every sound

such an honor to sit at the forests edge
to be near them