Enjoying Autumn

as the sun began to set last night
a parting in the clouds
and sunlight kissed the top of the mountain

I have been studying our forest mushrooms
and tossed some old ones into my bushes
this young deer found them delightful

the other day I walked among golden giants

spied treasures on the forest floor

hiked along a creek
seemed we were in a fairytale
full of lichen, moss and fungi

through an opening in the trees
we saw winter kissing autumn

perhaps one of the tiniest mushrooms i have ever seen
strong enough to hold a raindrop

a week or more ago
autumn snow cloaked our world
for a few hours

now we are back to rain
golden forests galore



Autumn Reflections

along the lake
picture perfect day

golden trees

Do you see that line across the mountains?
It is: Going to the Sun Road
Incredible views from that road! 
Being on the edge of a mountain, nature takes back parts or the road each year, so it is usually being worked on. 

clouds mingling with peaks 

sunlight showing off the colors

the warmth of the shoreline

morning light on a forest mushroom

sunset at the river

Autumn is a beautiful time


Last Week, Autumn

shades of blue
under the gaze of sunlight

under a soft sky of blues and clouds

Turn to look another direction
water wandering through Autumn

a place one could stay

and more
that touches ones heart
inspiring true breathing

autumn camping



Gorgeous Autumn

gorgeous autumn weather beckoned
come camp in me

trails enticed to be walked on

the colors were thrilling

leaves illumined
offered sunlight
with gentle brilliance

paths as sacred trails
to take one deeply into the land

sweet clouds appeared around mountain tops
like breath

the sort of 
one dreams of in autumn

I feel so thankful to have been there



Lovely Equinox to you, Autumnal or Vernal

: yesterday

: in town, trees at all stages are donning new colors
: Kokanee Salmon are spawning

: sunsets hold sacred light

: the river is lined with gold and green

: high mountain roads free of snow, still beckon 

: forest plants share their autumn colors


wishing you all 
a rich Equinox!