Ice Crystal Morning

clouds parted during the night
stars shinned clear and bright

temperature dropped to -1F
crystals grew
creating a magical winter wonderland to awaken to

the song 
of snow geese filled the world
as they flew overhead

the world appears enchanted

wings of crystalline ice

wings in the sky


The Sun Visits Briefly

most days this year
have been cloudy
gray and whites

the sun 
found spaces between clouds to peer through
to us

so lovely to see blue
and the snowy mountain glowing and cloaked
in misty clouds

the snowy dunes came to life 
in shadows and light

a lovely sight


Winter Wonderland

finding joy
in snowflakes

i hope you are still enjoying my photos of them

my forest
cloaked in winter snow

more snowflakes
captured on fabric laid upon my steps
as the sun began to set and darken our day

whites and gray blues

these flakes are a little frosty
soft around the edges
still star and flower like shapes
delicate bits of snowy ice



Wishing You

I laid this cloth on my steps
for snowflakes to land on
they are so tiny today

little gems of ice

along the road 
i spied a grouse

it might be hard to see
this is our road to home......

winter flowers

something nostalgic about old barns in their winter cloak

a forest walk

Wishing you a marvelous 2016!



every time it snows
the flakes look different

they fall through the sky differently as well

today they were floating
landing in piles

today they look like we imagine
when we think of snowflakes
tiny crystalline stars

I do mean tiny, like the size of a sesame seed

I put out the red cloth for them to land on
the other photos are taken on my car

we are officially in the season of snow and ice
i love snowflake season