Red Meadow Lake

the rain was falling when we arrived
clearing a patch of blue sky
after many smoke filled days

a treasure found
tiny flowers at the base of an old stump


love the rare finds

something about mountain mist
that inspires awe

Indian paintbrush comes in many hues

clouds part
revealing light and shadows
to our delight


Evening Walk

such an inviting road
still closed to cars due to avalanches
perfect for wandering
(Eureka Mountains)

exquisite flowers cloak the earth
like stars dance in the skies

wonderful flowers for us to find

so much bear grass that it inspires joy

the precious and tiny spotted saxifrage

look at what i found on my cabin!
a muddy bear print
at shoulder height
about the size of my hand:

summer is full on here
with days around 90F
pretty hot, but nice with a breeze and shade


A Week in Montana

Rocky Mountains Magesty
sunshine beauty summery day

turns to clouds and rainy days

flowers thrive

mushrooms push through the earths crust

eye candy at every turn

jelly fungi nestled in moss

forest friends
wander in our days and nights

summer in Montana



Happy Summer to You!

journeyed to the NW corner of 
Glacier National Park 
for Solstice

 took to heart wildflowers as they opened to the longest day of the year

walked in a forest where flowers mingled with sun

and shade

the tiny creatures busy as can be

that inspire pause and  we have water!

 large swallowtails dinning on nectar

greens and blues
summer hues
are abundant

wild strawberries  bring us to our knees
to dine

 Summer has arrived
I wish you a lovely summer!


Threshold of Summer

June is our rainy month
time of storms
and beautiful skies

a time when life is giving birth
wild roses:

Indian paintbrush:


great gray owlet

a lovely time
on the threshold of summer

i paused to consider sharing a story with you
i use this blog as a spirit helper
to remind us that nature has the ability to uplift our spirits

as i paused i thought that intense things in nature are good for us too
they remind us of what is real
teaching us respect and awareness:

three black bears hunted in my yard recently
a mamma and her two large cubs
 i heard the bleating of a fawn....
it was entirely dramatic in 
motion and sound
as i could hear them growling, grunting and chomping their feast
one bear climbed up and down a cottonwood tree 
with ease

they might have caught the fawn's scent as they wandered
or the protective mothers scent

the mother deer was entirely distraught
my heart went out to her

I have been looking at humanized bears in art in a different way 
this week

we all eat
and something must die for this to happen
so it is simply real

bears are seriously strong and wild creatures
i most certainly witnessed this
and living in the wilds of Montana
is indeed wild 


Abundant Spring

(as the storm moves on)

Tuesday afternoon
into evening
we had a storm

lightning hit a nearby tree
sending bark and shards flying

struck my modem out
no internet for me

it was such a dramatic storm
thunder lightning rain and hail
for hours

now we enjoy the most lovely spring days
lush and green from rain
a few mushrooms fruit through the earth

sky is full of dreamy clouds

little robins learn to fly

 like fairies grace our days

sunsets kiss our nights

wishing you safe storms
if you have any



Spring's Abundance

forget me not

raindrops adorn tiny flowers

forest strawberry flower
promises of fruit

more forest food
they have already been nibbled on

tiny forest orchids
striped coral

forest lace
as tender ferns

another portrait of fairy slippers for Noushka

sweet little violets

i am smitten!