Summer Solstice

as we step from spring into summer
fields are bursting with canola flowers

my three poppy buds have opened their petals
in celebration of life

the skies offer beauty that beckons one to walk the woods

finding wild orchids, lady's slipper with one raindrop

this is the first harebell I have seen this season
lovely rosy dots upon it's style

morels like little gnome caps rising from the forest floor

raspberry and purple mushrooms here and there

it is a wonderful planet we call home
with marvelous findings 
to meet

I wish one and all a lovely summer
be it winter on the other side



Montana Blues

little forget-me-nots
turning pink lavenders 
ending up 
dressed in raindrops

sometimes the blues of our lakes 
seem magical

last night we had a wonderfully dramatic storm
some lightening
this morning blue skies, white clouds and a green earth

blue seems the perfect color for a sky
I think it compliments our entire world
gotta love the tipping bales of hay

mountains deep blue
nearly aqua blue
mist and clouds mingling with both

if one is willing to climb high
into the mountains
in the midst of summer
they will find mineral rich aqua icy waters
against a fabulous blue sky

near sunset
downtown Whitefish Montana
heavenly little clouds drifting in the blue sky
I offer you a strand of Montana Blues 

this weekend visit dear Patrice 
who offered: blue 
to inspire us this weekend for Art Challenge
Thank you for being our lovely host!



Enjoying Baby Ground Squirrels

I was out photographing a budding fir tree
noticed this little fir ball on my lawn
basically the size of a mouse

where is mom?
i was snapping it's portrait
and the click click click of my camera 
must of sounded like the high pitch sound it's mom makes

because it trotted and tumbled through the grass and cuddled up next to my shoe!

I stopped taking photos
wanted the little critter to find mom
as it was evening the time they go underground

next day 
i learned that this mom has 5 babies to keep track of
teach and cuddle with

across the road i noticed more babies
another family
as i approached they all ran underground
seeing some flowers
i began to photograph them
one of the babies appeared from underground
so interesting to see how they respond to the sound of my camera

look at those cute furry ears

on another note
Lucy and i have enjoyed foraging morel mushrooms



It's been Raining, Everything is Wet

I have been learning about my trees
spruce, fir, pine and larch

making tea from their freshly born tips

the mountains are cloaked in
spring snow

everything is wet

we had 2 1/2 days on non-stop rain

these little American Dippers
are water wizards

i watched them dive into a raging river
nearly made my heart stop
then it reappeared

above is the raging river

along a quiet lakes shore
i found lovely anemones

a vibrant
 beautiful season




first I spied this lovely leaf
floating in last years grass
though it was small
ten ladybugs could have used it as a boat

then i spied the tiny lady bug
i rarely see them
when i do i feel joy
a treasure has been found

 can you see the condensation under the wing?

i had driven to the top of a mountain pass, a long dirt road
got out to explore the area
a wild fire had burned through years ago

i enjoyed witnessing how life does eventually return
to a fire zone

I watched the little beetle as it wandered about

then settle in for a nap

the opposite of a ladybug

never know what one will find along a mountain road