Glimpses of a Creek Walk

beneath the milky ice
runs cold water
rocks nestled down for winter
(which is nearly spring)

nature's art
nature's life

recent snow
offers glimpses never seen before

artful offerings

pink bark!

in the shadowy darkness...... light

platinum beauty
wishing you peace
from the inside out



Winter in February

as we lean towards spring
each snowfall inspires my smiles
taking to heart winter's spirit

breath-enhancing sunsets.....

morning ice crystals 
made of fairy wings

rocks under faceted ice
make ones heart sing

celebrated my birthday at one of my beloved places

stayed for the alpine glow sunset

the first sunset in this post is of the night before
very similar sunsets
so beautiful

the sweet little birds
that stay with us all winter


lovely end of winter to you!


The Park, Glacier National Park

as the sun nears the horizon

snow shows off the beach boulders in a different way

without sunlight the rocks colors are muted, appealing in a earth toned way

reflections are day dream beauties

tucked into that far off canyon, it is snowing



Winter Crystals

morning treasures

formed in the cold of night

they call my creek home

in their short lived life

often the crystals evaporate, take flight, disappear throughout the day
even though the temperature is below freezing
so interesting

moon shadows on the snow
our recent full moon



Winter Begins, NW Montana

Autumns often deep cold days
inspired the spirit and stance of hibernation early for me

the forest cloaked in snow is lovely 
with a deep sense of quiet

the little birds still come to me
inspiring joy and calm all at once

this mountain chickadee has a much narrower head than most of them 

sweet black capped chickadee
landing for a sunflower seed

chestnut-backed chickadee

These are the three chickadees that visit me

and then there is the nuthatch:

if it weren't for the tiny birds
a winter hush would be throughout the land


lovely holidays to you and yours

Sweet Solstice to one and all!

slowly our days will become longer......