Magical realm of Lichen

these colors!

striking designs
and colors

like an island
of wonder

many kinds
look like
living art

I still have a foot of snow at my place
yet daily the rings of earth around trees grow larger
winter is thawing into spring
 the creek sings 
day and night

wandering around boulders
a delightful miniature world
of lichen thriving

macro lens and the details spring to sight

lichen will hold me over until the world turns green
mushrooms and flowers abound



Thaw and Freeze

another trip to the park,
Glacier National Park

winter ice is starting to melt
offering views of the rocks below

(above photo)
water so clear..... 
presenting all the beautiful colors

each visit
each hour
offers unique sights

that change with the wind and sun

thaw and freeze of winter snow and ice is
an early Spring theme

offering amazement to those that wander 
gander at the details



When the Sun shines on Us

when the sun comes out

I haven't seen an icy shore like this for a while

which creates wonderfully artful details

offer a double dose of beauty

ice, sunlight and colorful rocks under water
are eye candy that touches the soul



Ice Crystal Realm

a few nights ago
it was clear and cold (5F)
mist rose from meadows

meandered through the branches of trees
inspiring ice crystals to grow

the trees fingers touched the earth buried in crystalline mounds of snow

sunlight arrived
showing off the night fairies work

every little branch was kissed with magic and delight 
until the sun arrived 
and kissed them with the warmth of light

daytime temperatures are 40F+
gentle rainfall begins the winter thaw 
that will eventually welcome spring 

my roof of winter's snow has come crashing down
it will be a while 
before i see the first flower bloom



Winter Glimpses

we love our little winter chickadees
this one
black-capped chickadee

sometimes are winter sky is like above
daydream inspiring

sometimes peace inspiring:

we are still bundled under a deep blanket of snow

which makes tracking so much fun
who walked over the bridge during the night:

the little nuthatch has its down fluffed up:

winter glimpses



when the sun nears the horizon
 mountains reflect on an icy lake 
ones breath gentles 
light becomes a healing balm


icy angel wings 

they were invisible to the ordinary eye
but the lake knew they were there
the wind also

the wind stirred the lake waters
sprayed it on the wings
 so that we can see them in the form of ice 
tuck their beauty into our heart for ever more

we went to lake McDonald
on the eve of my birthday
lovely to say goodbye to my year with the setting of the sun



Considering Love

natures lovely hearts
this one dressed in 

through time
a peachy rock
is shaped as a heart

forest fungi
forms as a heart

ice crystals
live in my heart

we all love our little birds
that stay all winter
singing through our milky gray days
(mountain chickadee)

I don't collect heart rocks
(except as photos)
but when I find heart shapes in nature
they do inspire a smile

 last week the sun came out
inspiring pine grosbeak to bath in the creek

you might want to click to see the wee film in full screen
sorry i could not hold the camera still with the lens zoomed out

the males are red and females gold
such a dear sight

lovely day of love to you


Montana Winter in the Sunshine

the sun beckoned:
come outside 

wander and explore

see the lake 
in silky smooth waters

find icicles dripping
at the shore

if you look closely
snow grew frosty crystals over night

mountains dressed in their winter coats

treasures under the sun's light



Snowflakes and Winter Glimpses

this snowfall: slivers of crystals and star flakes

Until we look close, could we ever imagine the varied crystals of snow that grace our world? 

 above is from a different snowfall

 whitetail deer
winter woodlands

for two weeks
one Arctic Redpoll visited the feeder

makes me wonder how one bird
is here
they are usually a flock type of bird