Sweaters and Two Men

Two men whose sayings
have influenced my life;
My Papa
"it's a beautiful day, get outside and play".
Mister Rogers
"let's make the most of this beautiful day".
Both men were born this week of March,
both passed beyond.
in the trees,
in honor of these men.

The inspiration for this post came from Mother Henna, in honor of Mister Fred Rogers who would have had his 80th birthday on March 20th. She has invited blog artists to create a piece of art in their favorite medium and to include a sweater somewhere in the work. Post the art on your blog and leave your permalink in the comments on her blog. On Thursday, March 20th, Mother Henna do a new tribute post and include all the links with her own sweater art.

When my father passed in 1991 I was given a dozen of his cashmere sweaters. I washed them by hand and hung them in a tree to air dry. It was lovely and whimsical as they danced in the breeze. I always wished I had taken a photo of that. So when Kara presented this idea I decided to do a tribute in a tree to my papa and Mister Rogers.


  1. Tammie, I loooooooove the sweaters in the trees! Thanks for playing along -- I'll do post tomorrow eve that has everyone's link included, etc...
    Miracles to you!

  2. I love your memory art. It's a great piece and story.

  3. This is so beautiful especially when I read the story behind it.

  4. Such a lovely remembrance in words and photo...and true words of wisdom from these 2 special souls who have passed, but continue to teach. I've been touched...
    thanks Tammie for always sharing your heart,

  5. This put tears in my eyes!


    Have a Blessed Happy Easter
    and Blessed Year!!

  6. A new friend Karla Joy sent me a comment via email for this post. I find it inspiring and wonderful and wanted to share it with you:
    your sweaters in the woods reminded me of a location where in spiritual solitude, in native american tradition, they tie their colorful fabrics and ribbons to the trees for spirtitual cleansing and release...a letting go of all that is ready to go spirit.

  7. you have an amazing blog!!

    love every word you write ~ this story is very touching~

    Izabella (from Creative Souls)


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