Fabric of Life

light minty green

wings like i have never seen

endless array

fabric of life 
is on display

dancing waters

the second photo may have had you wondering?
it is a close up of this:


may you walk in beauty


  1. Des clichés si merveilleux qu'ils me font penser à des oeuvres d'art...
    et ce beau papillon de nuit... m'éblouit !

    Gros bisous

  2. Incredible...awesomely beautiful Tammie! Love those moth wings!

    May You Walk in Beauty Dear One, now and always...

  3. Alright, you've done it.
    I am spellbound.

    I love this series, a lot.
    As you may know, I love rocks, and lichens, and all forms of natural beauty. These are fabulous pics.
    Especially the water reflection shot.
    But you had me stumped on photo #2.
    And then I saw the final image -- what a surprise.


  4. The moth close-up is extraordinary... I was thinking at first it was fabric, it looks woven or stitched, amazing!

  5. ...beautiful post, and I loved your closing, "may you walk in beauty." It's one of my most favorite sentences. I read a book on Navajo culture over 25 years ago, and that phrase has been in my heart since then. Thank you! (I wish you the same. You always walk in beauty...)

  6. The "fabric of life" is on display indeed. What wonderful textures and colours. I love "autumn's dancing waters" ... full of graceful water sprites and the close-up of those wings is quite amazing!
    Have a beautiful weekend! Sandra

  7. Your keen focus always brings amazement. Nature's colors, textures, and patterns through your lens do show the "fabric of life."

  8. Tammie ... oh!
    This is a visual poetry ...
    Touches me so much beauty.
    Dear friend, How beautiful the Earth, nature, life ...
    Excellent work.
    A kiss and thank you for this precious moment!

  9. Yes, there is so much beauty in so many places and so many life-forms. Lichens are incredible, aren't they!

  10. TL - I am in awe of you - the photo of the edges of the wing of the moth is just stunning. B

  11. Your tiny world is beautiful!

  12. I did not guess - how stunning! Really loving these Tammie, especially those amazing lichens - fabulous!

  13. aaah, the fabric of life, so many textures & colors...weaving together as one!! love this!!

  14. The fusion of the color that Nature creates is fascinating.


  15. Absorbing beauty like a mushroom digesting a log,

    And Like the Lichen that breathes in the richness that is our atmosphere.

    However, I think I will be a butterfly instead of a moth. The moth kamikazee's into the light as if it were missing everything. And the butterfly carries its own light and prism that refracts its unique blend of colors for the rest of the world to absorb its pleasures.

  16. Absolutely stunning...
    May you walk in beauty too (although you obviously do!)xxx

  17. I may steal the color palette from that first shot, Tammie. Thanks for sharing another handful of beauty.

  18. Nice patterns, details and colors! Enjoyed them all :-)

  19. There's beauty everywhere Tammie, and you have the knack of finding it.

  20. Wow.. beautiful shots. I was indeed wondering about the second shot. I was certain the wispy hairs were frost. Beautifully done.

  21. so beautiful Tammie...as a former textile designer... I too am awed by natures patterns and textures. thanks so much for sharing the world as you see it. I do hope you will join in the gratitude quilt this year... info about the project and how to participate is at the top of my blog:-)

  22. How I miss you & the world you share when I don't stop by! You are a delight in every way!! A girl after my very own heart that never tires of bugs & rocks & weeds & puddles ;-)

  23. A walk through the beauty, the delights that nature gives us and you give us with your wonderful art. Thank you Tammie!
    a big hug

  24. Beautiful close up! So stunning series.
    So fun when you can get so many fine lines and color in a small area.
    Wish you a nice week.
    From Hilda

  25. Beautiful Tammie. The colours and textures are amazing.

  26. "Spirithelpers" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


  27. WoW!! stunning photos!! =) how beautiful colors and a joy to watch! Yes, you bet I wondered of what no 2 was, I would never think of a butterfly! or do you call it moth?

    the colors of the fungi is very lovely! so is the fungi on the stone!

    lovely colors of the patterns in the stone!

    What a lovely post! :)

    Lovely weekend to you! :)

  28. Nature take the cake for the best artist of all!

  29. Astoundingly beautiful colors & textures! Thank you for finding them for us!


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