Glimpses of Summer

walking in the forest
(i had never seen a delphinium in the above colors)

tiny, unripe huckleberry
and so it begins.....

large beaver enjoys a swim

who will this spiral become?

rains dress our world in gems and light



  1. Hello Tammie, that was a lovely walk! I have never seen a wild delphinium. The ones we have in the garden are quite different. I love the last shot, it looks like liquid gold!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Lovely, wish we still had beavers here. Love the curled up caterpillar.

  3. precious moments in nature - fixed in your touching and very poetic images. Thanks for this, dear Tammie.

    I send you my very best wishes,


  4. Tammie, what a charming little path and delightful photos. Thank you for taking us along on the lovely stroll.

  5. Your blog is amazing, Tammie.
    Always such intimate photos -- that delicate flower, the inviting path, and Mr. Beaver at work.
    I picked huckleberries yesterday.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. You live in the Kingdom of Beauty, Tammie! I looked at all the posts I've missed and now my eyes are "full of" images, so thrilling and inspiring: the splendid Rocky Mountains, the bear family on the tree branches, the gorgeous butterfly, the beargrass - so tender ...
    Thank you for sharing with such enthusiasm those lovely moments of the nature around you!:)

  7. Wonderful ...
    These photos inspire me ...
    Every detail is a gem ...
    Beautiful ...
    A kiss.

  8. Espectaculares todas las fotos, muy bella serie!!

  9. I looked at that last picture for awhile - so lovely!

  10. Tammie, your nature posts are always a delight to see.
    Lovely to see delphiniums in the wild and busy beavers swimming, raindrops turned to citrines and everything so lush and green.

  11. AnonymousJune 27, 2013

    Gorgeous photos as always, Tammie. I'm fascinated by the delphinium! I've never seen color like that; can't figure out what species it might be!

  12. Nature is so filled with energy at this time of year.How exciting to meet such a variety of wildlife while out walking.
    Love your Summer Solstice landscapes too!


  13. AnonymousJune 28, 2013

    Beautiful shots. The rain gems photo is a stunner!

  14. Beautiful photos, I love it!

  15. More macro magic Tammie. I'd love to see that butterfly when it emerges, it'll be a beauty.
    Great to get a beaver shot, I found out in Canada what shy creatures they were.

  16. Each photo a gift, Tammie. You've photographed the beginning of summer!

  17. Ha Tammie heerlijk jou zomerse foto,s
    de bloem in schilderachtige kleuren.
    Het wandelpad.. net niet kunnen zien waar heen zo mooi.
    Mooie woorden.....
    regens kleden onze wereld in edelstenen en licht.
    Dit ga ik niet vergeten
    wij hebben hier veel regen.
    een zonne groetje

  18. Such beauty in your captures. What a delicate delphinium in that first shot and the inviting path in the forest. I would love to see the butterfly that the curled up caterpillar will become! Beautiful glistening raindrops in a golden light! So lovely to share all of this with you through your photography!

  19. Beautiful photos. I love walking in the mountains and the forests in the summer.

  20. Love that beaver shot! May s/he and kin thrive!

  21. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I have so enjoyed looking through your blog here and your etsy shops. Your photography is exceptional! So many photos that I love...the snowflakes, the river/lake rocks, lake shots, on and on. Great work! And you are very good at drawing faces...something I am just beginning to learn. I wish you the best with all your art. Peace to your heart,Sara

  22. I love your walks....and I imagine it is so very quiet....

  23. So beautiful ~ all of it!
    But that delphinium ~ exquisite!
    As always, thanks for sharing the beauty of your world and your heart with us.

  24. As summer comes in by you, so winter has crept in here and I already long for the colors of spring.

  25. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the rain drops the most. They all touch my heart. I hold them like found treasure.

  26. I love the idea of the rain dressing the forest with jewels. These are so beautiful, Tammie.

  27. Such breathtaking scenery and wildlife Tammie. I've been enjoying your photography very much and the progress of the Hummingbirds, so inspiring and magical xxx


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