Dirt Roads Beckoned

the journey began
on roads made of earth

where forests once stood
until a fire gave birth

as time passes on
trees live once again

the road lined with flowers

 and berries galore

beckoned me on 
to where the forest still reigns

creeks rushing through them

meeting on the valley floor


this morning i was awoken 
by the sound of pop pop

can you guess?

the squirrels are preparing for winter
they climb up to the tree tops
then drop the tiny pine cones down to the earth
pop pop pop
then scurry to stash them for winter cuisine

tis the season


  1. I love trees.

    I want to be you when I grow up!

  2. hi Karen, thank you for inspiring my smile! I love trees too!

  3. It is amazing how nature will come back time after time - even after a fire. That is the true beauty of nature. Thank you for sharing such lovely photographs!

  4. There is nothing to beat the lure of a road not yet walked, or a road that is much loved. Either will do.

  5. Faerie Moon:
    so lovely to have you stop by. I agree, it is amazing to watch life start anew after a fire.

    yes! and this road is rarely traveled, a first for me. i had a good trip. what could have taken two -three hours to get to my retreat cabin in the wilderness town of Polebridge took me all day on this road. with picking berries, taking photos, writing poetry..... perfect

    lovely week to you!

  6. The power of nature to recover.
    Great series.
    Thanks for showing us.

  7. Nature has a great healing power which we should be very greatful for being the ones who are so often treating her carelessly.
    Thank you for the magical photo's once again, the beautiful words and the way you bring a smile to my heart!
    Love and light, Anja

  8. Yes, wonderful photos! Beautiful nature!

  9. Beautiful to see the new growth... and, yes, nut time! Here, its more like morning target practice. There's a big oak outisde my window, and branches hang over the metal roof. A beech tree on the other side. Sometimes the falling nuts are SOOO loud that Pasha and I JUMP!

  10. What a beautiful poem with lovely images. The devastation of fire is stunning and horrifying, but your words are full of hope, and you change my perspective.

  11. Wonders of nature never cease to amaze me.

  12. ...blessed are those that take their time ~ patiently ~ wandering ~ the corridors of the forest enchant`ress! ~ keep on playing dear kindred spirit! ~ and may many more blessings be found at thine temple doors!...(O:

  13. Great pictures Tammie, brings back memories of my walks in the wilderness of Alberta

  14. The stages after a fire are fascinating, aren't they! And very comforting.

    I've noticed the squirrels dropping cones too on my last several outings. They are very busy... and loud!

  15. Forest rejuvenation is amazing to watch over time. Actually watching any landscape bounce back from fire is intriguing. It certainly demonstrates the strength in 'Mom Nature!' Thank you so very much for adding my blog to your blog roll Tammie! I greatly appreciate it! Have a great week! :)

  16. Sigh- such a lovely series of shots.

  17. How lovely to hear the squirrels preparing themselves for winter dropping tiny pine cones to the earth! Yes, it's the time for berries to show their lovely colours - where has the summer gone? It seemed to short this year and was late to come!
    Forest fires happen and the desolation makes us sad for a while - until nature takes over again and shows us how all can be born again!

  18. the beautiful images of your beautiful environment always brighten my day, thank you....

  19. Ha Tammie, prachtige foto,s de natuur mooi in beeld gebracht
    het landschap met de wegen er door heen.. het water en de bossen
    veel moois bij jou te zien...
    Een zonne groetje Christiene.

    Ha Tammie, beautiful pictures, s nature beautiful mapped
    the landscape with roads through it .. the water and forests
    much to see with you ...
    A solar greet you Christiene.

  20. Stunning photos as always Tammie, thanks for the visual treats!

    I was just thinking about you this morning, wondering how you were doing and then you stopped in.

    Hugs and Happy Long Weekend, G

  21. Those industrious squirrels! Yes, even here in my neck of the universe they are beginning their antics of urgency. And I follow their lead!

    And I love the reviving forest, surrounded by its reflection of once was and what will be again. Of course, it reminds me that that reflection gleams "both" ways.

    Creation and Destruction ~ they are both beautiful *and* vital.

    Enjoy the season!

  22. We give away a wonderful ride ...
    Fall is coming ...
    This place is beautiful, very relaxing ...
    Walking through the woods and find little bits of life is wonderful!
    Hugs dear friend!

  23. so many beautiful images... we could learn from this fire. no matter how devastating something seems it's resilience that brings one back together. thanks for sharing. hope all is well.

  24. Gosh, Tammie, the texture of those lifeless trees is stunning. Wow! I have never seen anything like it. You can see the feel of the land more . . . how beautiful and how sad and yet . . . as you say rebirth. Gorgeous photography as per usual. I want to come travel with you.


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