Velvety Rose Fomitopsis Rosea

treasures of the forest

meeting you makes my heart 
go pitter pat

velvety to see and touch

such unusual conks


these all seem like magical creatures to me

fruits rising from the earth below

I think these are called clavaria
still finding mushrooms stored in the trees

i might be on a mushroom kick for a little while 



  1. These other-worldly "creatures" are totally new to me.
    (And I love collecting mushrooms -- just have never seen the likes of these.) These colors, these forms.
    Wow. So beautiful. I am totally captivated.

  2. These are very captivating . I could marvel at them for hours ~ enchanting they are !

  3. They do look magical. I don't recognize any of them. I did see some regular shaped mushrooms today. Those fingery looking ones are great for this time of year.

  4. How visually fantastical..what a paradise of meditation..beauty..and deep magic! Nature truly amazes me..I fall in love every time! Thanks for sharing these beautiful poems of nature!
    HUgs...this sparked my being!
    HUgs kindred

  5. Beautiful photography, Tammie! I will love to see more of it!

  6. What delicate and lovely treasures you've found.

  7. Yes, very much like magical creatures, some of them even remind me of sea anemones. Quite fascinating in shape and colour. I like the little tendrils coming out from under the rock!

  8. I love all the offerings of the forest and am a sucker for mushrooming. I find it incredibly exciting, the finding and the hoping . . .
    Are you drying some for the winter??

  9. thank you everyone for your lovely messages and visits.

    Arija, I do not have any dried for winter this year. I have in the past. this year i have been doubting my identifying of mushrooms and have an instinct to feel certain...

    so mostly visiting with and photographing mushrooms.

    Thank you for asking.

  10. Exquisite photos! Really very beautiful mushrooms! Wonderful colors!

  11. It's 'shroom time of year Tammie.
    I love these pictures.


  12. Hello, Tammie Lee.

     The encounter with your work is my pleasure.
     Thank you for visit.

     The prayer for all peace.
     I wish You all the best.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  13. wonderful shapes and structures....

  14. Dear Tammie

    I do so love your fungi portraits. They are such mysterious life forms. Lovely! I am headed home via the mountains in the Shenandoah Valley. Nothing like your majestic mountains . . . have a wondrous weekend. Hugs from Virginia. Carol

  15. Hey Tammie , it's a long time since my last visit.. i'm really sorry :)
    But now , I saw all the photos I missed and it's like a wonderful journey though the seasons..wow , you offer me a simply moment of a real , deep joy , you live in in a wonderful country , your love for the nature around you is really a bonus , we can feel this love in your images..thank you to share all these beauties.. , you do fantastic work here..:)

  16. pretty and kinda graoss at the same time

  17. These are subtle and stunning!

  18. Beautiful! The prairie just doesn't have such intriguing and unique fungi! Very cool! Thank you for sharing! :)

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  20. hi tammie,

    such gorgeous photos!

    you have a lovely blog!
    loving your photography/blog.

    first time here...dropping by via sandy's to say hi.

    nice to meet you and have a happy weekend~

  21. Oh wow Tammie, these mushroom forms are fantastic!
    I love the velvet pink fungus, it looks like a brain. ;-D
    The long tube shapes are elegant and a bit strange, but also lovely.
    I enjoyed seeing your freaky fungus photos, thank you for sharing great pictures.
    Warm Wishes,
    Jo. xx

  22. Awesome pictures and nature Tammie !

  23. Gorgeous! Thanks for taking us into the forest!!!
    So lush and beautiful!

  24. Beautiful Tammie... I think we saw Clavaria when we were hiking this summer... we had no idea what we were looking at and I chose not to bring my camera that day, to just be present to my husband and the landscape... I will look this up now, good ol' google and see if that is what we discovered too... looked so other worldly, or perhaps as if it belonged beneath the sea.

  25. Wow...fabulous images,nature offers such wonders! These species are new to me. Thank you for sharing the beauty.


  26. those top images actually look like cloth!! amazing....

  27. I've never seen some of these before! Some of them are totally creepily gorgeous. (grin) Fill my eyes, they do.

  28. You are fantastic!
    and so are the mushrooms!
    AND your photos! :)

    for my eyes it nearly looks as the mushroom came first. before the some of the stones. how fun!


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