Spring is a SLOW slow dance in NW Montana

first day of spring
half way to the longest day of sunlight

woke to fresh snow

though spring is here
winter lingers with farewells

this side of the world
Happy Spring
the other
Happy Autumn!



  1. All evidence to the contrary, I think spring is coming, too -- hope you see more tangible signs very soon!

    Winter sure makes for gorgeous pictures, though...

  2. This tells us that the laws of nature are free and can not be subject to the fulfillment of human standards.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  3. hello Anno,

    there are signs of spring:
    under this snow is more earth from yesterdays melting of ice, the earth rings around trees grow bigger daily, and if one looks closely there are tiny buds on plants. Still it is a slow dance.

    Hello Tomas,

    You are so right, and i feel this is a good reminder to be true to what is, more than what we wish.

    thank you both for your visits!

  4. Not much color in your beautiful scenes
    on this 1st Day of Spring.

    Farewell Winter.

  5. Oh but it's so beautiful though... I'm hoping to be around this September...

  6. Sometimes I think that spring is over rated!

  7. Tammie keep warm and enjoy these last lingering days of Winter, such a magical season. Your home looks to be such an enchanting place!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous but they do make me shiver. We still have a lot of snow here (and more still falling) but ours is now all black and dirty looking, so the beauty of it is totally gone.

    Keep warm there.

  9. The seasons change as they will and linger where the winds blow them. The idea of Spring fills us full of expectations and nature smiles and goes her own beautiful way and we learn humility and patience and how to enjoy what is before us!

  10. thank you all for your visits.

    Rick, yes, colors are subtle. not the vibrancy of spring in some places.

    Ciel, September is usually quite beautiful here.

    Ian, Spring often brings hope of new life, here this is true too, but slow and not a big scene.

    Kat, i do love my home.

    Kim, the snow was dirty here too, until last nights snowfall which made it all fresh ;-)

    Sandra, so true and wise of you!

    thank you all!

  11. Wow, you are still in winter up there! Our valley snow here is all gone now and it's starting to green up. Lots' of snow higher up though.

  12. Happy Spring Equinox dear Tammie. Our worlds are not yet awake to the calendar. Your home nestled in the snowy wilderness looks like a wonderful spot anytime of the year. I love the large sky too. Winter surely is spectacular and appears to have no mind in letting go just yet. I can imagine all those deciduous trees and shrubs in bud soon, though. Who lives in the birdhouse?

  13. i hope you enjoy your spring equinox regardless, the photos are beautiful and inspiring as is all coming from you :) We had great weather last week but this week we are back to wintry rain and hailstones!
    much love xx

  14. Equinox greetings Tammie.

    "In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours." -- Mark Twain

  15. Your fresh snow scenes are so pristine and lovely, Tammie. I like the quiet absence of color. More due here in Breckenridge tonight and tomorrow. I'll have 2 weeks of Grands here on spring break - we'll play in the snow!

  16. Gorgeous colours and wonderful little home in the woods. It looks like our spring is exactly like yours. Cold and snowy! We had a blizzard last night and about 10 cm of snow!

    Happy spring to you!

  17. Despite how pretty it is, I know how disheartening to wake up to more snow.. as we did this morning. The light is lovely this time of the year but everything else still looks like winter. Beautiful photos, nonetheless.

  18. Ha Tammie,wel heel mooi winters wit,wij hebben hier in Nederland geen winter weer gehad.
    Wel lente achtige dagen en nu is het weer fris.
    Ik wens je een lente groetje.
    Liefs een groetje christiene.

    Tammie ha,very beautiful white winters we have here in the Netherlands no winter weather gehad.
    Wel spring-like days, and now it's fresh.
    I wish you a spring greet you.
    A lovingly greet you Christiene

  19. Your photos captured it perfectly. Spring glimmers but winter still prevails. It's the same here, although I'm sure that spring gets here a little sooner than there. Happy Days as they get longer!

  20. Nice winterimages! Winter is beautiful as all the other seasons, we're lucky to get all the four seasons and the contrasts thats follows them :-)

  21. you have crisp white snow and sunshine....we have sunshine!! Hurray...your view however is much more appealing than mine.


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