Summer Solstice ~

beautiful Summer is upon us

time to hike into the mountains
to drink aqua waters with our eyes
and spirits

in the high mountains
glacier lilies still bloom
(this one unique with a short stem, rests gently on it's leaves)

along the trails
waterfalls to cool and refresh by

a time of color
vibrant under creek waters

Montana stones, eye candy
that feeds our hearts

 winged ones are busy as can be

summer is a busy time
of growth
it must all happen before the season once again changes


sitting at the feet of mountains
like sitting with a holy being

summer is a grand time of celebrating life

lovely Solstice to you and yours
whether it be summer or winter in your neck of the woods



  1. I get so much pleasure seeing your beautiful photos from Montana.
    Such a spiritual place.
    (Those Montana river stones . . . "be still my heart.")
    Have a great summer!

  2. Wonderful shots - thanks!!
    Best regards Crissi

  3. Beautiful images, this is enjoying everything that grows and flourishes
    with you beautiful picture, s Tammie, I can watch it ....... wonderful !!!!
    Greetings Christiene.

    Prachtige beelden , dit is genieten van alles wat groeit en bloeit
    met jou mooie foto,s Tammie, heb ik mee kunnen kijken.......prachtig!!!!
    groetjes Christiene.

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2015

    Fabulous scenery!

  5. Those colors! That dragonfly! Amazing, Tammie -- happy solstice!

  6. What a magnificent way to celebrate and honor the Solstice. Hello, Summer! It's nice to see you again!

  7. superb images Tammie.

  8. tammie, happy solstice to you!


  9. Wonderful photos, and a great respite for me this morning.

  10. Lovely photos and commentary, Tammy; I can never get enough of seeing those mountains...

  11. Beautiful post with such a spiritual quality to the writing and the photos ♥♥♥♥♥ Peace

  12. See this summer! It seems that the heat is too much. There, in Montana, it is more enjoyable.


  13. Magnificent landscapes, and beautiful shots!

  14. AnonymousJune 22, 2015

    Such beautiful scenery and such excellent photos! Very enjoyable viewing!

  15. Those are beautiful scenery,Tammie. What a fresh air in the mountains! I feel like the cool air is coming to me.

  16. Gosh, Tammie I am always in awe of your photographs and the beauty in the details and grandeur of your landscape. I love it that we both have the lovely Common Whitetail dragonfly. It is hard to capture their portrait and you have done so exquisitely. Happy Summer to you.

  17. To each and every one of your wonderful photo posts I could attribute the same delicious words: gorgeous, beautiful, magic, magnificent, fantastic, unique, natural, BEAUTIFUL - I think it is also because you give them soulful meanings in writing - all in all your posts are always breathtaking and soothing... :-)

  18. Each photo is a jewel, Tammie :)
    I just love those graphic ones with rocks or pebbles in water you are so good at pixelizing :)
    I enjoyed the dragonfly too, it looks like like one we've got here only more handsome with its colourful wings!
    The water lily is magnificent, what great post !

  19. You painted a picture of a mountain summer wonderfully. Each photo is a gem, showing one part of the amazing beauty of a Montana summer.

  20. I always hear the sounds when I see these landscape photos of yours Tammie - the stillness, the gentle lapping of the water on the shore. But this time I also started to sing a song I learned in school. I'm sure you'll know it:
    Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver
    There, still, the mighty moose wanders at will
    Blue lake and rocky shore
    I will return once more.

  21. Dear Tammie - I’m always amazed how quick the transformation is from spring to summer at such high altitude. “Sitting at the feet of mountains / like sitting with a holy being”; I understand as I believe mountain is a House of God, where I always feel humbled in awe both in person or through your fascinating photos. Montana stones are so beautiful. It is rainy season now in Japan, and I enjoy the nice things during the rainy season before the sweltering, scorching summer comes with its full force.


  22. Ah! This all looks like blissful moments to enjoy, have a beautiful Summer in this very special place of yours!

  23. Fantastic - hope your solstice was full of joy.x

  24. Such amazing beauty. It touches me deeply. It inspires me to look ever closer. And I am grateful.


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