Honoring Wildflowers & a Bear

 these are tiny wee flowers
yes two words for small to emphasize 

Russethair Saxifrage
amongst other names

so tiny that i didn't notice their spots of color
until i see them larger on my computer

being enchanted in their presence
i nearly did an entire post on them

the enchanting pipissewa, above


such a lovely time of year

we were blessed
with the spotting of a black bear rooting around
in the distance

flowers in their best attire
(Lewis Monkey-flower)


  1. The flowers are nice and delicate. I expect the bear is after berries!

  2. Oh these are just exquisite! And the bear - how wonderful is that!

  3. So very beautiful... loved the bear!

  4. How sweet! Flowers and the bear. Looks like little flowers are dancing!

  5. the flower shots are wonderful! I epecially like the tiny flowers of the first few shots, they such pretty and decorative flowers.

    have a lovely day.

  6. The flowers are exquisite and how exciting to see a bear in the wild! You really are blessed.

  7. You captured the eensy-weensy delicate blooms perfectly Tammie. My air is still heavily scented with Lupine. Wildflowers this summer are blooming in profiusion. I saw bear scat while hiking alone yesterday. I became very watchful but didn't see the bear.

  8. What absolutely adorable wild flowers! Those first tiny ones would have willingly taken up your whole post for the pleasure of our eyes! Such delicate beauty everywhere and the colour of the asters is one of my favourites. You even got to see a black bear!

  9. Lovely post Tammie. The saxifrage are exquisite.

  10. une fleur si délicate...et l'ours sort du bois joli ..(un ancien dessin animé ..) bises

  11. Enchanting pictures - the flower so delicate!
    Have a nice day Crissi

  12. The sweet little flowers - and then that Teddy! You were lucky! :-)

  13. Those tiny flowers are amazing! And the bear, always a cool thing to see.

  14. AnonymousJuly 16, 2015

    Exquisite flowers and how amazing to see a bear.

  15. Those flowers are so intricate, Tammie. Amazing to see the wee dots! You're just "out there," aren't you? Bears and all! Be careful -- but keep shooting!

  16. those first ones are beauties with tiny surprises! lovely!

  17. Son unas flores maravillosas!
    Tan pequeñas...
    Has hecho un gran trabajo querida amiga, un estupendo trabajo fotográfico!

    El oso me encanta, aunque yo les tengo un poco de miedo, pero es fantástico verlos así, en libertad y en un lugar tan precioso!
    Recibe un gran abrazo querida amiga.


    Are wonderful flowers!
    So small ...
    You did a great job, dear friend, a wonderful photographic work!

    I love the bear, but I have them a little scary, but it's great to see them so in freedom and in such a beautiful place!
    A big hug dear friend.

  18. ...I love those little white flowers with their starburst stamens! It doesn't grow around here.
    ...also, wow! for the bear!

  19. With your photography, even the smallest of flowers are brilliant. Saxifrage does best in the wild, it always suffers in my garden. The last time I saw a black bear, I was 9 years old in Yellowstone Park, and it took a swipe at my father who had to climb atop the car! Lucky you, to witness so much wildlife, especially 3 fawn at once.

  20. gorgeous flowers, especially those little white ones.


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