Autumn is Dancing with Summer

watery eye candy

the spirit of autumn breathed on a summer leaf and look what happened

music to my ears and eyes

a couple weeks ago.... just a tinge of gold in the woodland

another glimpse of Many Glacier

a visitor at my pond

along a tiny brook
high mountain flowers

traveled over the mountains
a long dirt road
came upon a black bear

a bit of this
a bit of that
summer leans into autumn



  1. The fourth and fifth photo is impossible that they can do better. They are all insurmountable photos.
    Have a good one , Tammie!


    1. Thank you for enjoying those photos Tomás.
      wishing you a good one too!

  2. The owl and bear are a delight, as are those scenic views.

    I've seen the first of the fall colours here as well.

    1. so glad you enjoyed our wildlife. I do too.
      I hear fall colors are happening in many places now.
      Suppose to get below freezing tonight, that should bring the colors on!

  3. I love that line, "summer leans into autumn." It's what's happening in my mountains, too. I like the long view of the stream with the clear water and lovely rocks. Those pink wildflowers look like Parry Primrose. I usually see them growing along streams in spring. Is your owl friend going fishing? I'm seeing bear tracks but no bear - yet...

    1. thank you for enjoying the words Barb. Yes, I could see the colors coming on in your post, wahoo, change of seasons.
      Thank you for enjoying glimpses. The pink flowers were late summer at high altitude. I think they are Lewis's monkey flower. Yes, the owl might have been fishing, but it flew away when i stepped out to take it's photo. Tracks are fun to see, they keep us present.

  4. Wonderful pre-autumn shots. A gorgeous leaf in its autumn robe and the babbling brook with high mountain flowers. I always love to see those coloured rocks under the water. Your owl visitor is so immobile, he could be a statue! That black bear looks really close, I'm holding my breath for you! So many beautiful things to see where you live!

    1. hello Dear Sandra,

      Thank you for your thoughts, mentioning of the different images.
      The bear, it seemed a teenager to me and I was driving, so no threat at all. It looked at me, looked away, thought, then trotted into the woods.
      I continue to look out the window, hoping to see the owl again, but I have not. I did do a painting with it there, so I doubt I will forget.

  5. Wow - amazing and beautiful shots.

  6. Amazing series! Great work!

  7. Wow, that bear! And the owl!
    Sometime I look at your photos and I have no words - because I just inhale, deeply, and wonder...

  8. Always a joy to come and breathe in the fresh mountain air through you photos and words. Here in the flat lands our signs of the season change are much more subtle but you can feel it in the air. Love the owl photo the best ♥

  9. Your world is filled with such beauty -- and bears, too! I hope you had a good zoom on that because he looks a tad too close for comfort! What color you see -- ahead of us for the most part. A reminder of things to come. And your reflections... sigh.

  10. " Autumn is dancing with summer" ...such a beautiful words,and of course your photos too! Your world is always amazing.
    That bear surprised me!Wow!

  11. My favorite time of year. What gorgeous photos.

  12. Ich liebe Ihre Fotos, liebe Tammie Lee. Es muss eine wunderbare Gegend sein in Montana.
    Danke für diese wunderschönen Fotos, die mich zum Träumen bringen.

    Aber auch Ihre wundervollen Zeichnungen mag ich sehr. Sie sind sehr talentiert.

    Vielen Dank auch für Interesse in meinem Blog "Stille Momente". Ja, leider ruht er schon ein ganzes Jahr. Ich sollte wieder einen aktuellen Eintrag machen. Vielleicht jetzt im Herbst.

    Sie finden mich auch hier:


    Oder - wenn Sie mögen - in meinem Blog "Morgentau":


    Ich komme jetzt wieder öfter hier vorbei, versprochen. Ich hoffe, Sie können alles lesen.

    Liebe Grüße zu Ihnen nach Montana

    von Andrea

  13. Wow! I think I would have been too scared to stop and take a photo, a bear, so close!! What a crazy and wild place you live in, filled with such pure beauty. I love how you titled this "Autumn dancing with Summer" perfect!

  14. Beautiful photos, Tammie! I think we can look forward to a colorful Fall this year.

  15. aw, your bits of this and that are wonders! a black bear in the road indeed. i just cannot imagine!
    autumn being my favourite season, i enjoy to see the change of nature over at yours...
    so thank you for inspiring me, (and for encouraging me in my endeavors, tammie!).

  16. Incredibly beautiful....love the bear!

  17. de retour de mon voyage... je découvre les photos manqués...splendide aussi l'ours...même pas peur?


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