When the Sun Shines

Lake McDonald is large
(over 10 miles long & 1 mile wide)

this year it's surface is near frozen
(rarely happens)

being frozen
made for easy walking on it's surface

of course I stayed near the shore

morning surprise
an ice crystal world
this time they were kissed with sunlight
such a pretty winter day


  1. Such amazingly beautiful Natures-capes, wide and up-close!

  2. The first two pictures are not beautiful, they are very beautiful. The others too.
    Have a good one, Tammie.


  3. Stunning photos! I am surprised to learn that the lake doesn't freeze. Your winters seem so fierce out there. The lakes here in Maine freeze every year, ice out dates usually in early May.

  4. Such amazing moments, the sun shines. The ice crystal is beautiful.It can be a shining necklace!
    Have a good day,Tammie.

  5. Exquisite... It's been mainly cloudy here lately and next week we will exit freezing temperatures and into the 40 degree barrier. Spring may come early this year after an especially cold winter.

  6. So wonderful - really stunning pictures
    happy day Crissi

  7. So much beauty to see if we only open our eyes. You have captured it well ♥

  8. So pretty. That's amazing the road to the lake is open, but so glad it is so you could go.

  9. Gorgeous images of your winter. The garlands of ice crystals are glorious! Beautiful lake frozen over!

  10. enjoyable ! Love the icy patterns...

  11. Beautiful photos, especially those of the lake!

  12. It looks beautiful but SO COLD! Your crystals, as always, take my breath away!

  13. I would not mind if it's cold outside, when it's so beautiful! I like the blue nuances of the snow... Your photos are wonderful as ever, Tammie!xx

  14. You relish the magic around you, I know I would too in such a white enchanting world as this, such beautiful shots of white and blue, makes me want to take a deep breath!

  15. Beautiful captures, Tammie Lee. What a gift those crystal are!

  16. Well, what can I say??
    With the sun out it makes a world difference, how beautiful!
    You took great care to build your pics, they are magnificent!

  17. Those ice crystals look unbelievable, Tammie. Once I saw little plastic decorative leaves and they looked somewhat like the tree-shaped crystals, only they were plastic and lifeless while these are natural and alive. Great captures!


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