Winter Magic

it was a cold night
perfect for crystals to visit our winter realm

then the sun rose above the forest of conifers
lighting the crystals
offering sparkles

for a morning
they glowed
offering magic for all to behold

ice crystals

I hope every one is safe and warm through all this cold weather. 
Though cold here, it is not like so much of the country. 
Be safe. 



  1. I honestly think you are from some otherworldly planet where you are known as the Crystal Whisperer and have a most intimate relationship with one Jack Frost, a skilled artist in his specialty. No one, and I mean no one, does it better than you do. No one.

    1. Dear Jeanie,

      Thank you so much. You have touched my heart. I do adore them.
      They inspire presence…. hard to think of anything else in their presence. And they are a doorway, threshold into the sacred divine, making it so obvious to participate in the magic of our beautiful world.

      Thank you for touching my heart this morning.

  2. Glorious ice-crystal designs and that last one quite takes my breath away! Magical winter! I love it!

  3. lovely ~ you captured the ice crystals so well, i woke up to rain this morning. but cold weather is in the forecast, they say. happy february

  4. These are gorgeous. You notice the small, intricate beauty that others ignore.

  5. Such beauty! :) We're keeping warm, trying to avoid going out altogether unless it's to let the dogs out!

  6. Upeat kuvat, terveisiä Suomesta !



  7. une beauté!! froide mais spectaculaire!

  8. Your love for ice crystals certainly shows in your photos! Beautiful!

  9. I very very slowly enjoyed every single photo you shared. While others shy away from winter, you see the beauty old man winter offers. My winter loving heart Thanks You :)


  10. As a photographer, I am in awe of your ability to make such amazing images of ice crystals in nature. It is such a treat to soak them up. Thank you.

  11. Tammie, these images are so beautiful! You make winter look like a true wonderland.

  12. Hello,Tammie
    Beautiful photos as always.
    I really agree with your friend Mary Hone saying here.
    ....intricate beauty that others ignore.
    Especially,I love the last photo...it is like a big fan of ice crystals!

    You too, take care and stay warm.

    Now, flue is going around here in japan.

  13. This is definitely Winter magic, Tammie Lee. The ice crystals formed like feathers, that is truly amazing! Your photos are always a wonder to look at, and when many complain about the coldness of Winter, I think it's just wonderful how you embrace it. There's so much to appreciate this season.

    Enjoy these February days, Tammie Lee. These are exceptional photos, really.


  14. Great images, but that last image is stunning perfection! My very best wishes - - - Richard

    1. Thank you so much Richard. I do enjoy hearing when a photo touches someone!

  15. How enchanting these ice crystals are! The magic wand and the jewels of the Snow Queen.



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