Glimpses of a Creek Walk

beneath the milky ice
runs cold water
rocks nestled down for winter
(which is nearly spring)

nature's art
nature's life

recent snow
offers glimpses never seen before

artful offerings

pink bark!

in the shadowy darkness...... light

platinum beauty
wishing you peace
from the inside out



  1. It's still so very cold in your space and world, isn't it? I hope you are well. You certainly have a beautiful spot in which to self-isolate.

  2. Simply lovely and calming during a time of upheaval. Thank you for sharing your art.

  3. Such tranquil Nature photos, Tammie - they uplift my heart. I love those colorful rocks still visible under the ice. I see your stream is open now in some places. We're due for more snow tonight through tomorrow. It's going to be heavy, so I hope trees don't break - at least nothing is budding as yet. Stay well and think positive! Hugs from CO.

  4. So beautiful and peaceful and the words read like poetry, just what I needed. Thank You!


  5. It's like Heaven at your beautiful place! A cure for our worried souls... Thank you, Tammie! Take care!xx

  6. Thank you Tammie, I enjoyed the walk very much.

  7. Thanks for the lovely walk Tammie :) I love the pink bark! :)

  8. Hi Tammie :)) Just to reply to the comment you left on my blog, we bought a new home, not the one we're renting, actually we are moving to a new province, New Brunswick! It all went down so quickly, we found the realtor ad on February 13th and by the 28th we met all of the conditions of the offer to purchase. Next week is the closing date and we'll be moving in just over a month! It's not the dream home, but it's a good starter. It's in a really quiet wooded area with lots of wildlife, just one acre of land, but we're okay with that! A fixer upper but it has great bones! I'm so excited about this!!

  9. Oh How Beautifully Captured - Thanx For Sharing



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