A Winter's Tale

Winter's dance is near
a light snowfall
ponds freeze at night
thaw in the day
earth under feet
is hard
no longer gives with each
step I take
days are cold
folks talk of wanting
snow to arrive
for we live in a ski town

when I lived in the south land
of California
winter was a subtle season
I wondered what a true winter would be like
my heart whispered
"if you don't live where seasons rule, you will never know"
"live your life fully, try different things"
and off I went into the world
traveling to far off lands
landing in a place I call home

I never knew that winter changes every day
snow comes it goes
ice comes it melts
sun comes not often
forests are white dressed in snow
temperatures rise
forests are green
when the temps drop deep
the land becomes a magical ice palace
frozen crystals grow everywhere
that is when I have the natural world to myself
rarely if ever
do I see another person out wandering in that deep cold
the sun dances on these crystals
and nothing else exists
for me
nothing but the beauty of the moment
for it is profound in it's fragile magnificence

For Sunday Scribblings prompt; A Winter's Tale


  1. Tammie: Beautiful poem. I like how the you show the "subtlety" of northern winters, too, their many changes. Gorgeous images.

  2. Living in Canada, I sometimes take the beauty of winter for granted. That often happens after I have to shovel :)

  3. Your picture's and poetry makes me wish I'd moved there years ago. I almost made it, but alas I didn't go in the end. Lovely!

  4. I got serious goosebumps when I saw that first photo and even more on the last one! The words meld perfectly...This is an amazing post...goosebumps being my gauge for excellence! I loved it...your art evokes terrific emotion!

    Peace Giggles

  5. Ah you were brave to move to where the seasons rule. I hope you are enjoying it!
    Every season has its beauty, but when my feet are cold I forget about that.

  6. beautiful pictures. nice to notice that the subtle changes are just as meaningful as the drastic ones. celebration of change is such a healthy endeavour!

  7. Hi!
    Beautiful poem and awesome photos. Wish I was as enthusiastic about winter! Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


  8. What a beautiful poem. And I love the photos.

  9. Exquisite photography and spellbinding words. I'm in Idaho and have lost a little of the winter thrill. I'll come back to read this and fire myself up! Very nice work.

  10. Beautiful photography. And a very direct approach to the imagery in this piece.

  11. Beautiful post...amazing and inspiring photos! I am in California now and winter only comes when I go to it (I lived 38 years in the cold, so I welcome this change). But I do miss the snow from time to time...

  12. I love your heart whispering, "if you don't live where the seasons rule, you will never know". Living with the changing seasons you learn that there is always the hope of new beginnings.

  13. Thank you for visiting the Pink Heels blog. You have a fabulous blog!

    The pictures of the snowflakes are absolutely divine. I could start at them for hours and never tire.

  14. What gorgeous photos! and a beautiful winter's tale. What a major change - California to Montana!

  15. The poem and the pictures create such a beautiful mental image!

  16. Tammie Lee, u won the first holiday giveaway ornament over at my Mother Henna blog :) Will you email me via my "contact me" button on my blog and tell me what address to send to? Miracles to you!!! k-

  17. beautiful poem and the photos are fab!!! i especially liked
    how the sun dances on the crystals!

  18. Oh Tammie Lee, I've been away much too long! :) These images, and words are absolutely stunning...

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this!


  19. Ah, I just read each and every comment. You all fill my heart so full. Your visits and thoughts touch a warmth deep inside. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing in the joy I find in the world and then share with you!

  20. Those photos are absolutely stunning.

  21. this is my favourite post thus far.

  22. You truly listen to the spirits that know your name. They whisper wonderful things to you Tammie.


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