Christmas Tree & Dropping Temperatures

A few days ago I sawed down my Christmas tree, that was a first for me. My friends Annie and Charlie have a meadow and slowly but surely the forest is attempting to reclaim it. So I thought I would help them to keep their meadow and get myself a tree. A & C even came over to help me fill its branches with lovelies. The ornament above is one my mom gave me years ago, it may just be my favorite!

It's a bit of excitement around here as the weather reports warn of dropping temperatures. Minus 25 F tonight and dipping deeper tomorrow night. Everywhere I go folks are chatting about what these deep temperatures might bring. Well we all know that weather reports are not always accurate. I must say that when I went out to shoot images of ice crystals this morning, it did not take long for my heavily gloves finger tips to freeze! Also there were not many crystals about.... but I did find some. Imagine a crystal cave, where does it go, what will you find?


  1. It's beautiful, I have to say though...maybe it's the time of year, but it reminds me of the Bumble's mouth after Herbie the elf pulls all of his teeth out.

  2. Beautiful photo, the ice crystals! It DOES look like Bumble's mouth sans teeth!! And that's a great little ornament. Wow, -25 degrees. I can't even comprehend that. I can't take it when it's 25 degrees. Jesus!! Thanks so much for your supportive comments on my blog. Yep, we Pisceans are always thinking (worrying) about possibly putting people off (hence the worries about long posts). But apparently that doesn't apply to leaving comments (I always have so much I want to say!). Take care!! Serena

  3. LOL oh the -temps LOL. About an hour ago I talked to my sister and in Dillon it was alread -19!!! YIKES!!!! Gotta love those MT winters...watch next week it will be 60 and shining LOL.

  4. Brrrr!!! But beautiful!

  5. Tammie: I'm wondering if you've run across writer Rick Bass up in your territory. Rick and wife Elizabeth moved up Montana-way about twenty years ago, from Mississippi. He's done some very fine writing through the years: I remember his writing about the first winter in Montana they had all those years ago. I think they're still up there somewhere.

    Stay warm, chica.

  6. The other day it was -35 here but now it is only -20, but we have a huge blizzard waging outside. I plan on taking some pictures of the aftermath. As of right now my car is buried.
    The husband and I are all snug in the house with hot chocolates, movies and popcorn.
    Life is good!

  7. ArtSparker, I had to go look up who Bumble is. I guess that tells you my son is all grown up.Funny, I can see what you are saying.

    Serena, cold is cold and if you are dressed for it, well it can be exciting. And comment all you want!

    AmersP, wow -19, I am still wondering if it is possible for the temps to drop 20 more degrees tonight!

    Anno, yes indeed, cold beauty!

    Mister Murat, I have never heard of Rick Bass. But I did go and look him up. He does seem to have a passion for this land that I can relate to. Thanks for the tip. Got the wood stove going and it is easy to warm this little cabin.

    Shannanigans, is that -35C or F? Still cold no matter how you look at it. Sounds like you and your hubby are in for a yummy night. Looking forward to your pictures!

  8. I used a Celcius to Fahrenheit converter, and -35C is -31F, so not much difference. It has gotten as cold as -50 in Thunder Bay, but the usual is -25-30 for most of January and February.

    Why do I live here again???


  9. Thanks for comment on my blog , I just had a great time on yours1 Beautiful pictures ans lots to read !

  10. What a fun post! I enjoyed your story of cutting down your first tree. And what magical images you included. Love the mushroom ornament. Wow, we're all getting hit with the Arctic blast! But, I'm not gonna complain about temps in the teens.

    Stay warm and safe :)

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. I just spent a wonderful 20 minutes or so admiring all your photography. That 'Home Again' photo is just crying to be made into a painting! The sunlight, the clouds and that little, winding creek that's the perfect color blue...

  12. Those are BIG ice crystals!! (Or is it a macro shot!?) Keep warm! Brrrrrrrrr!

  13. Oh! It looks like a crystal crown. A crystal wormhole to a magical land! :)

  14. Shannanigans,
    I had to look up where you live. You are so right, cold is cold and it is not that much difference C or F! It never did get as cold as the weather folks said, but last night did get down to 17F that is a wee bit chilly. I opened the door to feel the air and knew a moment was long enough.

    Thanks for visiting!

    Get Zapped,
    So nice that you visited. I am staying warm. I have to get out in the beauty too. For the days are crystal clear and stunning.

    Pastel Guy,
    So nice that you had a look around. Thanks for your appreciation. Yes, I also can see a painting. It was an amazing sunrise.

    Hi Healingstones,
    It is a macro shot. Still they are pretty big crystals. There is so much variety over a winter. Always different. This is part of why I am so enchanted.

    Genie Sea,
    I enjoy your perceptions!

    As always I love all your visits!

  15. Yikes! -25F!!! But the photo is just amazing! I love that you cut your own tree...you go girl! That little Santa is just adorable. Stay warm and keep those pictures coming :)


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