Beauty Flows

elusive state of beauty
rightly thrives in the fluid of our bones
last week I cried in beauties presence
one view: tears are quite acceptable
emotional tenderness
another view: tears reveal resistance of beauties flow
a stance of
mistaken feelings
neglected actuality
long enough
beauty now flows


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Jasmine said...

Tammie that top picture is amazing, so much movement. Your words, as always, are beautiful. I hope you are feeling a little better now?

Tammie Lee said...

Hi Jasmine,
Thank you for all your lovely visits. The morning light in the first picture, well it was indeed magic. I feel great, loving life, loving sharing and appreciate you asking.

Pacey said...

Those are lovely words, so inspiring and your photos show it all...can speak more than a thousands of words. Be well dear.

Natural Moments said...

For me I sense that crying is like releasing something physical and non physical which then allows for beauty to enter. So crying for me melts the stiffness that has developed in the heart to truly feel once again. So crying feels good. But everyone seems to be in a different universe. Anything can potentially be happening.

I especially like the top photo. Its as if air and water were making love and the offspring is the mist.

Tammie Lee said...

Pacey, thank you....

N.M. ~
I can feel the truth of what you are saying, tears melt away the stiffness. I have felt that too.
Wonderful poetic thoughts on the top image, lovely to consider.

Delphyne said...

This is so lovely, Tammie - Beauty is indeed everywhere for those open to Her.

Natural Moments said...

Or perhaps the tears are the by product of the stiffness melting. So the tears may not melt away the stiffness, but the stiffness is melting and tears are the result. Its like the tears are the spirit that was locked up in stiffness within the Heart, and the tears or spirit are free to return to the grand cycles of nature or to the ethers that surround us. But perhaps once one tear is shed, it coaxes the rest of the tears to flow, releasing yet more tension, and bringing that much more beauty into the self and therefore into the world.

Tammie Lee said...

Thank you for joining into the exploration of tears in the presence of obvious, immense beauty. I like your thoughts: Its like the tears are the spirit that was locked up in stiffness within the Heart

Yes, it felt like this.


Wenche said...

The first pictures are amazing! The mood is magical and your words are so powerful.

PurestGreen said...

I am also in love with that first photo. How gorgeous and somewhat haunting.

Barb said...

The rise of emotion or the restraint of it. Releasing or entrapping what is most elusive. Both photos are so indicative of movement, Tammie. You made me think, as usual!

Ces said...

Your photography rocks and your heart definitely drives you to find beauty everywhere!

Yes, I actually sleep.

Ces said...

I want to buy prints of your ice crystals. I have to check out your store. I love the way you see things.

Tammie Lee said...

ms. Ces,

Thank you for enjoying those cystals!
Please check out my store: www.spirithelpers.net

Appreciation is the full circle to my art~

Prospero said...

Hi Tammie. The first shot is my favorite one of yours. I really (really) like it.

Carolyn Ford said...

Powerful words, Tammie...certainly something to ponder as one gazes at immense natural beauty. Sometimes we can't take it all in at once, tears do release the stiffness, I think.

Carol said...

Tammie that first photo is a stellar one... just gorgeous with the mist... elusive yes... the colors and light magic. Your words too are lovely. Carol

Tammie Lee said...

As always I am deeply honored with all your visits and comments, thank you!

I love how I get to see my photos new through your eyes as well as the meaning(s) of my words.

dowhatyoulove said...

Another possibility: All is beauty, because each experience, feeling, emotion, thing, place is part of our journey. Part of our learning. Are there any blocks to beauty?

How lovely that you got to feel the tears, and truely experience them with the beauty.

Love the first photo! What a special moment.... Ahhh...

Yarrow said...

Wow, these are fabulous pictures, and I especially love the ice crystals. Your poetry is so delicate but moving and goes so well with the photos.

Amias said...

How very true, beauty can bring one to tears. I especially love the look a mother give to her baby .. when it first comes into the world. It's one the most beautiful thing I have ever witness ... I love this, as usual .. you made me smile at the beauty of life!

cieldequimper said...

Beauty *does* bring tears to eyes and thank heaven we can still be moved. From the thumbnail, I thought the first photo was one of a wave!
Looks like it's cold now.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Tammie your words touched me deeply in companion with these pictures. Wonderful, yet I'm sorry about your feelings. Sweet warm and tender hugs from my arms to yours.

BlueJayEye said...

influx/outflux of beauty is shortlived but that instant is timeless...

Nina P. said...

I love the beauty captured in your photo's and your poem. Natures art, nothing can be better. Love and Light, Nina P

Nina P. said...

I love the beauty captured in your photo's and your poem. Natures art, nothing can be better. Love and Light, Nina P

Sweetest in the Gale said...

I could literally fall into your second photo...it looks so calm and soothing. Your poem was beautiful...

ArtSparker said...

Beautiful capture of water in transition.

anthonynorth said...

Inspirational words, and I love the pics.

Beth Niquette said...

I love your poetry. It so often echoes my own heart. Your photos fill my eyes with their peace and rest. You are a wonderful inspiration to me.

lissa said...

the beauty within us or around us, we respond in various ways but it's all the same, I think, lovely pics

Cassiopeia Rises said...

To let beauty flow in and around us. How I wish it were so. Lovely.

love, Melanie

anno said...

Sometimes I think beauty overpowers us, overflows our boundaries; I know for certain that the unexpected grace of every picture you share makes me regret every post I have missed. Beautiful pictures, Tammie; and beautiful words to go along with them.

Maggie said...

The last photo sort of made me think of frozen tears erupting from mother nature as she prepares to sleep for a long winter`s night.

This was a thought provolking post.

Amity Me said...

Hi Tammie,

you made a very beautiful rendition of the prompt here..:)

i love it and it touches me so much i could only relate to the feelings you have when you were writing it...:)

my first time here but for sure, i'll be a regular...:)

have a wonderful week ahead...:)

lisaschaos said...

That is lovely!! Nice lift to my day. :)

JP/deb said...

i love the perspective of this poem ... beauty is both elusive and ever present ... a contradiction that is itself, beautiful.


SandyCarlson said...

May it always flow.

Beautiful text and images.

Jim said...

Just today I talked with a cancer patient who had been to the Mayo Clinic for a bone stem cell transplant. Transplanted with his own removed stem cells.
This is a nice poem even if it did remind me of the Mayo Clinic and my friends.

Tumblewords: said...

Such beauty lives here. A wonderful sense of live and love.

Clytie said...

Oh so beautiful.
It's okay for the tears -
When they are tears of joy.
Or tears of relief.
Of letting go and grasping
That moment.

exposemaximum said...

At first look, they look like paintings

Tammie Lee said...


many thanks for taking this post in!

it is a mysterious photo, morning mist rising

thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings,
you make me take another peak

so grand that you enjoy this beauty
me too
I have made it my personal job to find mystery and majesty in nature and to share this with all you
Thank you so much for enjoying the ice crystals, they are my friends....

fun to see something you really (really) like!

thank you for considering!

Thank you

So much is beauty... i must agree
I did experience blocks to beauty, thus rose this poem.
Yes, lovely to feel tears in the face of beauty, lovely.

Thank you....

Yes, mothers, fathers and their babies... a special moment and hopefully life time! I remember the first look at my son, only his head peaked out, what an amazing experience!
I am honored to experience a smile.

Yes, thank heavens we can be moved. Thank you for clicking and taking a better look, so often the pics on the blog do little justice!

Thank you for caring. I appreciate your care and yet my tears were welcome and made me feel where I was tight and as I wandered on and on I got to see my heart meet beauty as one.

Blue Jay,

Nina P.
I love natures art too!

I love that the second photo touched you.

Yes water in transition

Thank you

Lovely that we echo one another.... Thank you

so many various ways....


Yes, the beauty flow is a grand feeling.


I have experienced the overpowering feeling of beauty. In fact I feel that you tapped into part of what I indeed experienced.
Thank you so, for taking in what I share. Love that you used the word 'grace' it happens to be my 'word' for this year. It has taught me much.

I love your interpretation of that photo!


Thank you for your visit, lovely that you will visit more. Lovely that you took in what I shared.
Thank you.

So lovely that you felt a lift!

Yes, both!

I agree, may it always flow, thanks for this blessing.

I am not sure why it reminded you...
still there is a meaningfulness to this...

Yes, so much beauty!


Yes, so ok for tears....


Lovely that you took a look, thank you

A warm heartfelt thank you
to all of you!

Yellow Tulip said...

very beautiful take on tears dear:)...loved the pics as well:)

Tammie Lee said...

Yellow Tulip,
yes tears are welcome~ thank you

joshi daniel said...

excellent image!

Son of Incogneato said...

Fantastic textures and atmospherics . . .

- Son

Sharon said...

Tears in the presence of such overwhelming beauty are always acceptable.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Lovey photos and yes, beauty can bring tears to one's eyes.

Jukota said...

especially loved the part in the beginning: the fluid of our bones.

An amazing line! Great pictures too!

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

stunning work!!1

you are awsome!

Ann said...

Are these mist coming out of the ground in the mroning? I can see you are in Fall now, with all the brown grass.

Asta said...

Hi Tammie,

Beautiful pictures and a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

Best regards

Sarah said...

Tammie, you write the most beautiful poetry!! Your pictures are divine! I do love you eye..so beautiful how you see the world!!
Will email you about the blog thingy!! Hugs, Sarah

5orangepotatoes said...

TAmmie Lee, you popular gal! It took me forever to scroll down to make a comment. ;)

Love that last photo, reminds me of a sea of sparkling diamonds.


Tammie Lee said...

Hi Ann,
The top image is of a river in Yellowstone National Park. It was a cold night, when the morning sun poured down upon the water, mists rose. This was a month ago. But still we have brown grass, a little green too, as well as a slight sprinkling of snow. We are so far into fall that we are leaning into winter.

5 orange~ thanks for inspiring a chuckle in me with 'forever'.
That last photo was a creek of sparkling diamonds.

Kitty said...

You have such a knack for catching these brief and beautiful moments! I just LOVE the first!

Carolyn said...

You words and photos always bring calm to my day. Your top photo is stunning.
Smiles and blessings

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice work here. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Outstanding first photo, just amazing how you managed to capture the light and mist in that magical moment.

The words are so touching, you have a gift.

Thank you too for adding DJA to your reading/visual list, really hope you get something from it.

joanne May said...

Hi Tammie,
It is a wonderful thing to have tears of joy when looking at nature. To be so moved by it's presents...
There is true magic all around us and also in your beautiful words and images.
I did not know Tammy you have not been feeling very well!;(
Take good care.

Leo said...

attracted to this post, asa i saw that first pic.. then the words just blew me away! thank u! :)

Vixen said...

Tammie, that poetry was so touching, so moving and so reached inside me. Thank you for sharing.

Tammie Lee said...

Thank you for asking. I have been feeling fine to wonderful. Perhaps it is my poem about tears that have lead people to sense otherwise.
The poem rose from an experience I had, it was not uncomfortable. It was something that caught my attention. I could feel something ridged within that did not meet the beauty. I traveled spending time in nature for two weeks. Near the end of that time, I noticed that I no longer met beauty with tightness or tears, but that I met beauty with beauty. Thus rose this poem as well as the one in the previous post. Poetry is an interesting experience, as are words in general, everyone has their personal interpretation. The comments often show me this. I love seeing my words through others experiences and words.
Again thank you for your care. I am well, my heart is smiling.

Leo & Vixen,
Thank you for letting this post touch you.


gabrielle said...

Beauty in the stars and in the marrow.
Beauty in tears too. Somehow they not only release but refract the light around them, like snow on a hushed winter day.
Your words move and inspire and the photos are stunning.


How wonderful that first image is! Both are - but the mist and the light in the first is stunning!
And I haven't commented on your ice crystals: they are awesome!

Leon Basin said...

So damn beautiful!

Renee said...

How beautiful, the mist.

Thank you Tammie Lee.

Renee xoxo

Q said...

Tears are blessings.
I often cry in joy or when surrounded by amazing beauty.
Tears of sadness are so often the expression of compassion.
Yellowstone is a magical place.
Your words and photographs are inspiring! Thank you.

Dagrun said...

These are just so beautiful. You are so gifted, I'm amazed.

BK said...

I love the first picture especially; it gives me a sense of peacefulness.

Loch Rob said...

I think there is no right or wrong in beauty. Beauty just is, and that is enough. Especially what comes from the inside. Very nice, contemplative piece along with the excellent photo. You live in a place of great beauty with photos everywhere you look. My best.


Patti said...

You did an amazing job with this poem and choice of images to go with. I prefer the first view of tears and exercise them quite often.

Jeeves said...

Beautiful words and image

BlueMist said...

Awesome. Beautifully crafted. :)

Asja said...

this is so incredibly beautiful!

Sue said...

very insightful idea -- resistance to beauty. we should all relax, open an be open to the flows. The great science fiction writer Andre Norton once posited that it was easier for humans to believe in the existence of perfect evil than in the existence of perfect good. Your poem reminds me of that. The photos are breath taking.

zoya gautam said...

.. tender expressions ..

great post ..

chrome3d said...

Elusively golden and breathing. Thank you is all I can say.