Grave Creek House

once upon a time
this wee house was built
looking into these walls
I wonder why it tilts
the stories it holds
may never be told
but we can dream and wonder

the sun came out 
and it seems Autumn is still amongst us
I love this vital time when two seasons dance
snow one day
hinting of winter
sun the next reclaiming autumn
reminding me that nature has it's own way
and we must learn to dance with what is

while wandering yesterday
we came across one of the more humorous 'No Trespassing' signs I have seen:



  1. There are so many questions ... we have to listen to Mother Earth, she knows everything ...
    Thank you for your talent, your spirit, you make life a return to origins.
    Tammi A thousand kisses.

  2. Old houses, shacks, churches...they always open up the possibilities don't they? who lived there, what happened to the dwelling, to end up as it did...These are great photos Tammie and I agree, a humorous sign!

    Happy Weekend, G :<)

    It looks so warm and sunny, warmed me up too. It's cold and dreary here today.

  3. Yes Tammie, I too love the dance between seasons...it is dreary and rainy here today but not too cold...tomorrow may be another story as they are calling for light snow...whatever Mother Earth brings I shall embrace it.

    The sign cracks me up! We need to be inventive to take care of some things, eh?

    I always love looking through your eyes! :)

    You remain a radiant blessing!

  4. The mysteries of the origins of the house will probably never be known - our imaginations can fill in those blanks - what fun!

    We too are dancing between the seasons; frost at night, sun during the day ...

    Soon Mother Nature will make up her mind ...

    P.S. I LOVE the sign - we need more humor in the world!

  5. I love the tilting cabin, and I had a great laugh from the SIGN, oh my... I should put a few of those around my land, what a riot!

  6. Hehe...cool sign, great poetry and nice pictures. A huff and a puff and the house will fall down :-) That is a picture with lot of history in it!

  7. I was going to start philosophizing about the house until I read the sign and busted up laughing. Have a great weekend, Tammie! Tsup!

  8. I always wonder who built the house that the earth is slowly claiming.

    Love the idea of hunter relocation. ;)

  9. what a lovely post. I, too, love dreaming & wondering... ;-)

  10. dreamy, Tammie

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  11. Gorgeous shots, I love that old building....had to laugh at the sign. hugs to you.

  12. Please send some blue sky over here, you have more than your fair share or so it seems.

    What a weird sign!

  13. Nature can surprise us whem she wants!Do you know that she gave me a little wonderful gift?Run to my blog to discover what !

  14. ...beautiful as always tammie! ~ & ~ with a twist of wit by trial! ~ thankyoU for the share!...

  15. I like this time of year too. Beautiful photos...love the sign!
    Much love

  16. T-so much history seems to pour out of the photo of the titling cabin - beautiful colours and texture of the timbers breaking away - returning to the earth from where it came. Loved the phrase " two seasons dance" - such a great image. And like others I and Fiona really laughed when we read the close up of the wording of the sign. Thanks for all of that. Go well. B

  17. Bonita composición el las dos primeras fotos y un detalle curioso en las ultimas.


  18. Big smiles when I saw our post in my reader this morning.
    That tiny house does look like it has so very many stories to tell. I love the line "we must learn to dance with what is."
    Great sign!

  19. That sign is perfect! Your photography is wonderful.

  20. That is a clever "No Trespassing" sign. Got to give the owners credit. Loved your Winter/Autumn shots too.

  21. You have to be amazed at those pioneers who traveled across the wilderness and built a home smack dab in the middle of .... well, the wilderness! What an amazing journey they took. I don't thing the people of today have the fortitude and bravery that our forebears had, such a shame.

  22. Did you dare go inside the house?

    Such lovely scenery in these shots.

  23. Sometimes I tilt a bit, too - but I also have stories to tell. Love that you're dancing with the seasons, Tammie - I'm in the long white wait here. (A slow dance of sorts.)

  24. Beutiful post. Love the mountain with the snow.
    The old house was so nice, and I always wonder if the wall could talk.
    Have a great week to you.

  25. Love the old house.
    I was shown a number of old wooden buildings up in Athabasca.Amongst them was a beautiful old Ukrainian wooden church over a hundred years old.
    Great post Tammie.

  26. Great finds! Seems like the tiny house would be a great match for tinyhouseblog.com -- would be fun to see it there. And I love the sign (and whoever made it up). We are definitely feeling the turn into winter: there are warmer days, but winter grows ever more insistent.

  27. that house in the middle of nowhere is absolutely gorgeous!

  28. That sign is hilarious!

    Love the hut - so much faded beauty!

  29. That sign is one of the neatest 'No Trespassing' signs I've seen. I really like the picture and your words about the little house. The second picture is fantastic -- absolutely gorgeous.

  30. That sign is one of the neatest 'No Trespassing' signs I've seen. I really like the picture and your words about the little house. The second picture is fantastic -- absolutely gorgeous.

  31. There is something kind of sad yet exquisitely beautiful about that house. That sign is hysterical. Just love it!

  32. I love the sign, Tammie. Whichever season is winning out by you today - I wish you a good one.

  33. Often when external homes collapse, internal homes become easier to find.

  34. I love old houses like this. There is one that looks somewhat similar around here that I have taken photos of. They tell such a tale. I often wonder at all that went on within the walls while people lived their lives in it. And why it was abandoned. The one near here has a broken pipe in the basement that water constantly trickles out of, the remnant of the spring that once provided their home with running water. These little nuances fascinate me. And I Love the sign. What a great, and creative no trespassing sign.

  35. wonderful words...and pondering...the old little house...what it has seen, from the inside out, and the outside in...

    love that Relocation program! ha! i hope it works! let the wildlife roam free...

  36. Yay...such gorgeous photos..beautiful!!!

  37. Oh my! Looks like that house wants to float away with the clouds.

    Hehehehe, love that Trespassing sign.


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