Threshold between meadow and forest

 as I stepped from the autumn meadow
into the autumn forest

there was a tangible shift in presence
a bit like stepping across a threshold and into another realm

 my instincts kindled to the edge of my being and beyond

sound, light, life was alive with shadows and light

pausing to listen to the leaves falling from the aspen trees
landing on the leaf strewn forest floor

perhaps their final flight

surely in summer this would be a shady spot
refreshing on hot days
a cloak for elk bear and forest kin
on this hot autumn day
sunlight baths us all, no cloak

revealing where antlers have rubbed the trees

where grass lays down 
where animals have walked and beds were made

sitting…. long enough that my breathing slows
nearly to the rhythm of a tree
I feel the forest invite me to wander more deeply within
its inner sanctuary

wandering, breathing, noting details

in an 8 foot circle of space
I count 11 piles of berry filled bear scat
an unusual find (that many piles in one space)

I respectfully depart back into the sun drenched meadow
under the beautiful blue sky



  1. Such wonderful pictures, they really draw me in to your autumn there, with its dry, deep colours and its quiet.

  2. Oh my gosh, such beauty! I loved every word.......thank you.

  3. All these changes in the field I believe that strongly influence the mood of the people. We spent from the beauty at the end of plant life. But that´s life !
    Have a good one, Tammie !


  4. des couleurs subtiles, un magnifique automne!

  5. Tammie wonderful your photo, s you let nature in all its beauty.
    Your text enhances the beautiful and ature photo, s.
    greetings Christiene ............

    Tammie prachtige uw foto, s je laat je de natuur in al haar schoonheid zien
    Uw tekst versterkt de mooie en natuur foto, s.
    groeten Christiene ............

  6. thank you all for your lovely messages and enjoying what i have shared in this post!

  7. Dear Tammie, you have found a place of worship.
    Wonderful connection with nature, respect and silent, very good for meditation and enhance the soul.
    It's beautiful!
    A big hug.

    1. you are so right Remei. a good place to be, to wander, to enjoy.
      thank you!

  8. Nice series.
    Love those aspens.

  9. Superb, gorgeous mountain and aspen images Tammie.

  10. Your autumn is so gorgeous! My favorite is the fourth. It is so lovely that every season brings it's beauty there.

    1. Rick, Felicia and Tomoko, thank you for enjoying. Always fun to hear which photo gets someones attention Tomoko, thank you for that.

  11. Such bright blue skies and wondrous beauty!

  12. I love this phrase:"sitting…. long enough that my breathing slows nearly to the rhythm of a tree" On becoming one with your environment! Listening to the sound of leaves falling is such a graceful, gentle sound. The gold and blue colours hold you spellbound as you soak in the moment and take us with you!

  13. At the moment, our seasons are in conjunction Tammie. Beautiful pictures. Warm bear scat was the closest I came to seeing a bear in Alberta 2003, I'm still hopeful.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Wow, that IS a lot of bear poop in one spot.. a marking tree closeby, perhaps? The first image of the aspens reminds me so much of a Neil Welliver painting.

  15. Beautiful photos!
    Hugs Crissi

  16. Beautiful photos! It has been a great year for the bears. Now if the lingering warm weather doesn't cause them to get themselves into big trouble!

  17. This is my first time visiting your blog. Absolute beauty. Thank you for the adventure.

  18. Couldn't leave a comment on this post last monday :(
    Nature in Montana is fabulous and you bring it out so well in your photos!


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