Seeds and bear tracks

Illustration Friday
prompt this week is seed:

This is a wild flower, well after the flower. I found it along a river near Jasper, Canada. Can anybody tell me what it is? I think it had yellow petals before it went to seed.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride on some back roads where I live. I came across some bear tracks. Even though I sense they are at least a day old, I felt uneasy. so I recited a Mary Oliver poem that I recently put to memory, with the promise that when bears hear you they scatter off. I did not have bear spray.

So these were about 8" heel to toe:


  1. Hi, I am just blogg hopping and came across your site. What absolutely amazing pictures! The bear track gave me chills and I am in Ohio!

  2. This is a beautiful plant, never see something like this before. I can use it to clear cat's hair on my keyboard. :D

  3. Nice painting - it looks a bit like a thistle

  4. Hi – Thanks for your visit and kind comments. I have visited your photo site several times in the past. Your photos are stunningly beautiful. The mountain vistas are breathtaking. I lived for a year in Ouray, Colorado and have travelled extensively in the West. A fantastic part of out garden planet. As a botanist I am particularly impressed by your plant and mushroom photos.

    Don’t know if you had the chance when you dropped by, but I have several nature photos from Norway posted that might be of interest to you.


  5. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment! I see you live in Whitefish. My brother lives there as well. I saw the only grizzlies I've ever seen in Glacier Park, though we have black bears here in Colorado. They are smaller than your bears, and not so intimidating.
    Could the flower be some kind of thistle? Was it prickly on the stem?

  6. I love how you show your illo juxtaposed with the actual photo. Nature is so inspiring!

  7. I want my porridge! You're one of the bravest ladies I have known. XXOO ROYAL


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