Glacier National Park - British Columbia

Earlier this month I loaded up my van, ready for car camping and headed north. As I crossed the border into Canada I looked in my rear view mirror to see blue skies and white puffy clouds, ahead was a dark and stormy day. The storm rang out it's clouds as though they were soaking wet sponges and then the clouds departed, I found myself with a lovely blue skied day.
I drove to Glacier National Park, nestled between the Columbia and Purcell Mountain range of British Columbia, Canada. The mountains are huge and majestic, the kind of beauty that stills one to their core just to breath the air and take in the spirit of the land.

Summer's wildflowers showing their glory,

High up the Avalanche Crest Trail
Up up up this trail went:

then down down down:

Tiny mushrooms, galore:


The top of the trail:

The tiny critters win my heart,


  1. I can see in your work you really miss city living :) Keep shooting, we love it!

  2. These are wonderful photos, but I am quite taken with the columbine . It looks like a little red bird about to land. :)

    Thanks for the visual vacation!


  3. Nice, nice photos. Thanks for sharing your eye for the natural world.

  4. Beautiful photos -- as always, I enjoy your vision of the world! Smith kaich jones's description of your columbine shot is spot on.

  5. Love how you mix the large with the small. Beautiful pictures, as always, Tammie.

  6. Cool, you have a van! Nice. I had a vanagon for a couple of years and then I bought a little Geo Metro which I still use.

    These photos are fantastic. They really speak a higher language of truth. And imagine having been there. I am trying.


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