What have I been up to?

Gosh, usually I am so available to share here on my blog. Summer has been a busy time for me. Which feels truly like the spirit of summer! Especially if you live in the north with full on seasons. Summer is the time to do outdoor projects, camping trips, water activities, picnics and potlucks under the shade of trees and under the stars. I have been doing all that and more. For example, with my dear friends A&C, I have been making fire wood:

We are hoping there is three years worth in these piles!
Annie taught me how to use the chainsaw!

Now to share some shrooms, fungi images from my recent Canada trip:

I do believe we have a russula here:

I find this little guy with it's big old trunk to be so charming (that is a tiny pine cone, not one of the big old ones we are use to):

A blogger friend told me about the little white critter with an X on top next to the mushroom in this image. It is a spore capsule for the moss. They are a type of moss called liverworts which are typified by the long delicate spore capsules. The capsules are round in the beginning, but assume an 'X' after they open up and release their spores:

I love the little critters!
Thank you ~ Brian


  1. Beautiful pictures - breathtaking.

  2. Thanks for the Fungi and Firewood Mountain. Here's to all your seasons.

  3. Oh mushrooms have the cutest spirits don't they? I just love them too, so much personality.

    I think you are definitely living in the true spirit of summer! Active living and socializing is what summer is all about.

  4. Really excellent shots! Wow!

  5. So, so pretty! You have such a talent for capturing the natural world. :)


  6. I love those photos. (and so does my son who is peaking over my shoulder).

  7. Beautiful. So, so beautiful.

    And - yes - 'tis the verve of summer!

  8. What a enchanted, secret little world you've captured. It's gorgeous and whimsical all at once. Shrooms always whimsy up the joint, don't they?

  9. i found you through my friend rose's blog.. hope you don't mind i linked to yours... i LOVE your mushroom pics! :)

  10. oh those mushrooms are so delightful! i miss exploring! been so busy the past weeks :-( and by the way, thanks for dropping by my blog. i always appreciate your visits :-)

  11. Love mushrooms! Great pics!

  12. Most certainly, "Shrooms always whimsy up the joint"! Well put. I love the little enchanted critters. I have a very unique one in my yard right now. It came up last year as well. I suppose it is time to take it's portrait and share it with you all.


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