Seasons Dance

Dancing duck has taken to living in our ponds

There is a spirit of change in the air, the time when two seasons begin their dance. How long this dance will twirl around before summer bows out and autumn is in full manifest, we shall have to wait and see. Will it be a slow deep dance or a dramatic tango is unknown. But I can tell you the colors and temperatures have begun to change. I feel anticipation in the form of delight in my heart and blood. Daily the details of life are alive with change.

I've taken to riding my bike in the back country:

Picked a basket of dandelions to steep in vinegar:


Life is good.


  1. What a happy duck! And what beautiful sights you have around you! Life is indeed very good.

    What do you do with the dandelion greens after steeping them?

  2. Hi Anno,

    I simply use it as vinegar, it is at this point infused with some of the healing benefits of dandelion. See this site for more info:


  3. That duck is such a cutie...and your photograph of the leaves is absolutely stunning...so vibrant.

    Here autumn is definately outdancing summer here today! It was 10 degrees celcius in our home when we got back from camping today...very crisp! :)

    Looks like you are having a terrific weekend...

  4. Life is very good: love the butter and eggs. Bliss out, Tammie.

  5. Autumn is on my mind too, being caught between two seasons. Beautiful images as always! I love the duck. Ducks are among my favourite birds, they make me smile and laugh.

  6. The only visual hint HERE that autumn is nearing is the fact that school has started & school zone signs are in place, and kids in uniforms pass by my house on their way to another year of learning. But it DOES feel different - perhaps those hints are all we need.

    I loved this post & that wonderful duck!

    :) Debi

  7. You take such lovely photos! So much color and balance. Nicely done.

  8. Really like your photo of the maple....

  9. you truly have a keen eye for beauty and you are so good at capturing it!

  10. Hi Everyone,
    Tis wonderful to take in all your comments and appreciation for the wonderful world we live in. The seasons are most certainly doing their dance of change, it is more obvious daily!

  11. Great photo of that dancing duck. Good one catching it like that. Sincerely, Connie


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