A Song for Halloween

There's a witch hanging from the moon

sitting on her broom

swinging swaying to her own tune

looking down on the earth

across the universe

she spies a bird in flight

is filled with delight

noting that is

another way to fly

across the sky

anything but vacant: Illustration Friday


  1. Now this was a treat... and after all the candy I ate last night, just the right kind of treat, too! Thanks for posting this wonderful poem & illustration.

  2. Beautiful! I hope your Halloween was filled with sacred spookiness.

  3. I like the trees and water currents on your blue earth. Foxy witch, too. How wonderful to have Halloween and dia de los muertos in your beautiful cabin by the pond.

    Your card arrived and it is gorgeous: so utterly pristine. Thank you very much, Tammie.

  4. What a great picture and text. Sorry I missed it for Halloween.

  5. It's my birthday song. And you are singing it with moon energy. Can I have a ride on your broom for my next birthday. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Bernie!
    It really could have been written for you, so perfect for you!
    and since you and I both know that time does not exist....
    let's say it was!


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