life presents choices
an assortment of paths
kiss this one
or that one
with our eyes
or lips

wander this way or that way
will these paths intersect
wander so far beyond
that we'll never look back

there is this flower that flower
this trail or that

this rock or that rock
shinny and wet

whether we choose book binding
wild dancing
cook a la passionate
writer of tales
this or that

such a wild wonderful
in the midst of a choice
the ability to decide
this way or that

look deeply
and sweetly
just perhaps
each moment
presents such a occasion

See others writings at OSI for this weeks prompt: Intersections

Happy Birthday Charlie!


  1. Loves the dandelion photo. When my daughter was little, we used to blow at them.

    Thanks for your thoguhtful email.

    Have you heard of the book, we were warriors by Alan Duf? a NZ book? I read it a couple of years ago. Last night I watch it as a TV, I think it is very controversial. Extreme stereotypes.

  2. Wonderful song about life! Gorgeous pictures too.

  3. Interesting, I just posted a moment ago on my blog a similar subject. Coincidence? Love your pics and poetry. :) Janine

  4. This way or that? A question that opens up the mystery that makes life a wonder and a joy.

  5. Gorgeous, inspiring words, to say nothing of those photographs. I swoon every time I see those pebbles!

  6. Your photos are amazing yet again. I am also intrigued by the concept of wandering without knowing whether we will wander so far beyond that we'll never look back. I have to think on that for a while.

    PS did you notice your sky photo has a cloud shaped like a beautiful fat heart?

  7. Love it all! Especially the last pic! I love blowing at those so the white thingies fly xD

  8. I also see the heart which Clytie spoke of seeing in the cloude.

    Life is sure made of plenty of choices and the photos here are beautiful.

  9. Hi Ann,
    So glad you love the dandy photo. They are one of my favorite little plants! I have not heard of this book, some day I will take a look. Thanks.

    many thanks!

    Fun how we have a common thread today.

    I so agree, a joy and wonder.

    those pebbles have my heart too.

    I did not see the heart, I rarely do, it takes special folks like you.


    thank you~

  10. Make a wish & blow...
    did I choose the right path?
    I'll have to wait & see.
    Perfect photos & words...
    thank you once again:)

  11. Wow!!!Love the flow and pictures..

  12. What beautiful words and beautiful pictures to go with them.

  13. I love the out-of-focus middle in the last shot - extremes are always clearer.

  14. some really cool images!

  15. I really like the flowing intersections of poetry and images. Nicely done.

  16. This was a beautiful post. The words and photographs are wonderful.

  17. Hi Tammy, will [our] paths [ever] intersect?'
    A neat little poem, oh to be a dandilion seed with sails!

  18. What a wonderful collection of photos! Nature is really wonderful...if only one takes the time to stop and admire. Btw, you write beautifully too! :)

  19. Most beautiful photographs. I especially like the dandelion ones. Incredible light and details. (I'm going to have to go look at your other posts now...)

  20. i try to live life in the moment. i like "this or that".. there is no right or wrong way in life.. you don't have to make permanent decisions.. life is full of revisions.

  21. Dearest Tammie--
    What a wonderful conundrum of intersections! I really like the path that wander so far beyond that we never look back. Been on that one...

    Your photos are lovely!

    Thank you--and hope you are doing swell--

  22. You made it seem so complete. Water stones and flowers in their full glory.

  23. What A Fantastic Capture !! I Really Like The Pebbles In 3rd Photo..Mindblowing Post And Great Blog..THanks For Saring..

  24. Awesome post! The photos, words, everything is perfect!

    OSI: strings cross with wires

  25. Beautiful images. Beautiful words.

    Also, choosing from this or that is sometimes very hard to do!

  26. Dear Tammie,
    I have been working more with my macro lens and find it has opened a whole new world. It is always about choices isn't it.
    I am so happy I choose to visit you today!

  27. Lovely writing, and such artistic photography!

  28. Beautiful meandering illustrated poem / meditation. I love the first image (like a native sundial) and the notion of kissing with eyes, hands, and lips. Lovely Monday morning croissant. Chocolate, fer shure.

  29. A lovely post - Your words evoke fine feelings and your photos stir the memory - I'm so fond of lady slippers (from childhood) but haven't seen one for a long time.

  30. Paige and I were looking at your blogdom...we agree that you are one talented lady and have the EYE...Keep on thrilling us, darlin...xo Royal

  31. Hi Tammie, Love that post... Life does give us so many choices. Sometimes we take the right roads and sometimes not. BUT--we do have choices, and that is GOOD.

    Live is good and bad. It's all about attitude and how we handle things...

    Love your writing and pictures..

  32. So much beauty! Photos and verse!

  33. Hi Tammie,
    These are utterly delicious photos and a wonderful BD present to Charlie, whom I don't know but send wishes, too!
    I particularly like the dandy photo and the one of the rocks.

    I'm elated I found your blog again because my computer crashed and I've been out of "emerald" blogland for several months.
    (You used to know me by "gel").
    For an explanation, please see this post. For an explanation, please see this post.

  34. So true and wonderfully visualized! Have a great day, Tammie :)

  35. Hello Tammie,
    Each time I come here I'm stunned by your words and images. This time my favourite is the wet pebbles. Now if you would come over to my blog you will find an award waiting for you. Please accept it as an expression of my appreciation for your lovely blog, even if you don't post it. You'll find it here: http://postcardsfromwildwood.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/another-great-day-for-the-isle-of-wight/
    Thank you!

  36. Beautiful pictures, all of them!

  37. Lovely photos and you interweave the words so beautifully between the pictures

  38. Gorgeous photos! You write so well about what choices we have in our life, and the photos fit well with. I think it's very important that we live our lives in a way that we can carry out our dreams. In that way we will get the life we love.

  39. Truely lovely, Tammie.

  40. Beautiful!! My fave is the 1st pic...it reminds me of feathers :)

  41. Beautiful and very representative of my life right now. As always, gorgeous photos, and love how you also appreciate the dandelion.

    Lisa :)

  42. You may recall The Road Less travelled poem by Robert Frost. Some people believe their paths are limited and they feel regret about taking some and not others. If you believe you have multiple souls, you begin to recognize you are on mutliple paths simultaneously.

  43. Stunning photography, exquisite words!

  44. Oh, I've missed your blog ... your images ... your spirit!

    A while back I deleted a blog link by mistake and couldn't figure out whose ... last night I wanted to show a friend your (AWESOMELY AMAZING) photos and discovered it was yours! So nice to be re-linked!

    Thanks too for the Rosolio info!


  45. Tammie, every choice you make is a way to quench the conscious thirst for understanding. Each soul is a blossoming flower. Many flowers exist and some grow from the same stem.

  46. beautiful photography. I especially like the dandelion seeds with the water droplets

  47. Wonderful photos, lovely words... I absolutely love the dandelion shots. Remarkable!

  48. Hi Tammie,
    Getting caught up with your posts after a week of Grandchildren and Gardening. I like your concept of the immediacy and necessity of choices -the photos are wonderful illustrations of your words. I can't make a "choice" about which I like best!

  49. I loved the poem- it seemed to dance as I read it- flitting to one topic after the next seamlessly. Beautiful pictures also~

  50. such a wild wonderful
    look deeply
    and sweetly

    the gentle flow of your words
    rippling past flowers and stones
    ancient and new
    embody the wonder
    I was drawn to the stand of intelligent blue flowers

  51. Beautiful pictures! I love dandelions. And gret pictures of dragonflies.

  52. Perfect shot teh one with the stone with the diffrent colors and water on them so simpel but so very intressting if you satnd still for a moment.

    /Maria Berg, that let her kids play football in rain.

  53. Stunning! YOur poem speaks to my soul... to me it means that all our choices can be right, we just have to love and honor them. In loving and honoring the path we have chosen (or has chosen us) we are making it 'right'. Thanks for this! Lovely

  54. Wonderful pictures,
    each and every one.
    I just love your photography!!! :)))

  55. I love to draw Dandelions : ) I don't know why... they are so delicate...


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