So Montana

 Spring equinox
I wandered south with two dear friends

we found wildflowers blooming
in the sage lands
(Yellow Bells, Fritillaria pudica)

a rabbit in a most unlikely place

an old abandoned car

high in the hills

an old barn

So Montana

a herd of deer

one with antlers

curious horses 

all in the Sage Lands of Montana

Sweet Spring 
to each of you



Bird Haven

eyes opened to a snow cloaked realm

the wee island touched my heart

sometimes i think of it as Charlie's island
because he made the ponds and tiny island

also i call it: 
Bird Haven

because the tiny folk are safe there
(plus Charlie and Annie love the birds, so it seems perfect)

frosty water

a lovely sight

also the bridge that A&C made

all things i enjoy

thank you A&C!

now the sun sinks into the horizon
pulling a night cloak over us

much of the snow has melted away

it is said in Montana:
if you don't like the weather
simply wait 20 minutes


Misty Morning

 the morning held a mix of clouds and mist

whitetail deer

 they wander looking for anything to eat

I am sorry
I only had a point and shoot camera with me
these offer a glimpse of rural Montana
(my neighborhood)

rocks being lifted by frost through winter leaves


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