Deep Innate Calling

consider the draw
of a languid landscape
feel the admiration
appreciation for
a rugged mountain range
rolling hills
massive glaciers
endless shorelines

within these stones
are stories older than our life time
within these stones
find a stillness
that rises from deep within the earth

a stillness lay
day after day
in one place

is it the yearning for peace
deep serene stillness
that has our eyes sweeping vast vistas
walking treasured lands
creating likeness of their images as art

consider the gifts of our landscapes
are we not born of the soil
perhaps it is a deep innate calling
to feel wanderlust
for the mystery
that lie beneath our feet
to find mystery
within our hearts

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Whitefish Review, literary journal

Please celebrate with me!

Today the Whitefish Review has released their winter 2009/2010 issue of their Art, Literature, Photography Journal.

My photograph 'Icy Pastels' is the cover!

Tonight is the release party, so if you are in the neighborhood be sure to stop by:

You are cordially invited to an evening of
good company, dessert, libations & the
unveiling of the 6th issue of Whitefish Review.

Thursday, December 17th
7 o’clock in the evening

Crush Wine Bar
124 Central Avenue
Whitefish, Montana

Readings by young authors Katie McGunagle and Mason Brubaker,
followed by the poetry of Lowell Jaeger and a short story by featured author Pete Fromm.

Art and photos from past and current contributors on display, plus the music of Frank O’Brien.

Sponsored by Crush Wine Bar, Montana Coffee Traders, and the Montana Arts Council

cover photo by Tammie Lee

The Whitefish Review is a new literary journal based in Whitefish, Montana that publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, photography, and interviews, with a slant toward mountain culture.


Raindrops and a Spider's Web

jewels of rain
grace a gossamer net of silk
washing away dust
one drop at a time
cleansing can be this way

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As for Spirit Lake from my previous post, I have learned it is
actually called Spotted Lake.
It is 9 km west of Osoyoos, BC. The lake contains one of the world’s highest concentrations of minerals. Here is one link: Spotted Lake, BC


Spirit like a Lighthouse

spirit like a lighthouse
illumines where truth is breached
light turning and returning
shinning on our dismay
light turning and returning
edging us along our way
light turning then returning
encouraging us to sway
light turning then returning
till we live a vital way
spirit like a lighthouse
never completely goes away

I am told this is Spirit Lake
that it always looks like this
so ~ it is not ice
perhaps minerals?
Photo taken at sunset, shooting into the sun (oh dear)
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gifts rise
as identities fall aside
releasing: I am this I am that
I'm not this I'm not that
freedom to honor ones truth becomes available
perhaps any struggle is between the dance of who we think we are
the expansive possibilities of who we actually are
to pretend that life is contained
and predictable
is a shame
migrate towards vast potential
find that
step after step on your path
ignites deep inspiration guided by your soul

tiny snowflakes
and frosty autumn leaves


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Vast Mystery

opening to the vast mystery
an endless creative force
a universe of possibilities
thrives within my core
images of a night sky
filled with twinkling stars
forever one can wander to the edges oh so far
to see oneself in all of life
opens a magic door
we are artists of the infinite
this I am thankful for

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving.
May the vast mystery touch your heart,
in a way that brings you peace and joy.

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Ultimate Romance

life is the ultimate
sublime romance
a dance
to be fully and sweetly
completely romanced


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Cascade of Water Light and Leaves

dance of light on water
a sensuous delight
absorbed by our sight
adds breath to inner light
enriching our deep waters

Days after I posted this, I was invited to join Magic Onions Friday Nature Table, visit to find other magical nature wonders!


Day and Night

gives sight to life's dance
mated with the
darkness of the night
essential both


Oceans of Dreams

oceans of dreams
stir within the womb of a heart
given time on earth
we breathe life into them
rising to the surface
like tiny bubbles
manifesting with each shift in time
infinite potential

Photo: a rare find, bubbles dancing under spring ice as the creek flows by


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shift in time


Perfect Preparation

Happy Halloween~

autumn leans toward winter
slowly pulling summer from my bones
morning eyes open
to a blanket of snow
clouds mingle with fog
mingles with fireplace smoke
summers celebration
of life
makes way for a quieter cloak
a perfect preparation

Last year, this time.

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Lovely in the Grass

I could have flown right by you
the fringes of our spirits touched
I turned
and there you were
a pale golden beauty
blending with autumn grass
you turned
our eyes met
my heart smiled
you wandered on

I don't have the right lens for wildlife off in a field,
thus details are not grand.
It felt like a gift to see this wolf or maybe coyote.
It's camouflage was astounding!


Beauty Flows

elusive state of beauty
rightly thrives in the fluid of our bones
last week I cried in beauties presence
one view: tears are quite acceptable
emotional tenderness
another view: tears reveal resistance of beauties flow
a stance of
mistaken feelings
neglected actuality
long enough
beauty now flows


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Mountains: Thrilling Presence

rolling down the road
to the land of majesty
and mystery
beauty huge and profound
slight tightening within
revealed as gentle tears
in the presence of a master
evidence of my beliefs
not in sync with mighty potential
absolute beauty

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avoid living
theme of busy mind
as it fiddles with past and fantasy future
hearts wisdom:
conquer twirling scenarios
rest in the solitude of spaciousness
magic grows

walking in the woods this week
the quality of the air 'caught' my attention
immersed in a spacious feeling
there was no thinking
distinct realization of being in a living moment
filled me
along with a sense of being enlivened ~

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Ice Crystals and Green

Ice crystals on green is a rare thing!

three mornings in a row
minus temperatures in October
-3F -4F -5F

have I told you
how I love
how I wait
for the arrival
ice crystals

this is early in the season
yet they grow

they grow through the night
glorified in sunlight
a magical delight

for me
what absorbs my attention
my heart
makes me forget that my fingers
and toes
are frozen
is a bit of life that has my devotion



Life as a Lucky Charm

talismans of a day
invigorating air
awesome light

leaves whirling dervishes amongst autumn wind
dragonfly wings frozen in time

blue sky beckoning play
within the colors of the day

elegant curving oak
grace is here to stay
overflowing with lucky charms

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Maybe you will win ~


Circles of Seasons

each one an entity in their own
entering into an exquisite
as one flows into the next

1. Yellowstone National Park
2. Tetons with smoke from numerous fires


Bed of Pebbles

lying on the pebbles of your shore
each cell quiets
heart calm
breathing slows
gentle breeze
like fingers
kneading massaging
the flesh of my spirit
lapping waves
a lullaby
rocking me to and fro
held in your embrace

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folks flock to your kingdom
from all over the world
they wander through your flesh
open to your presence
drink of your spirit
bodies are strengthened
eyes brighten
as stars paint the night
folks sleep deeply after a day in your glory
tis a holy sojourn
my sense
we are kindred
of the same descent

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Aqua Stone

strolling along the rivers bank
pale lavender gray stones
one caught my eye
a turquoise beauty
made me think of you

placed in the waters edge
its brilliance came to life
found more colorful pretties
for a stone mandala
a photograph for you
now you get the lovely stone
water and light too

Posted for OSI's prompt: color
Posted for Color Carnival, hosted by Martha.


Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

viewing the colors
of your deep waters
turquoise emerald velvety aquas and blues
my heart leans
towards you
a longing to immerse in your beauty


Fall Equinox

Tis the threshold of a new season.
As I wander through Yellowstone
The Grand Tetons
Autumn is beautifully obvious.
Days have a chill and the warmth of the sun penetrates in a delicious way.
My camera broke on this trip. So no Teton photos - not yet.
The photo above is from a few days ago in Yellowstone.

three steps into the woods
our eyes met
deep calm
alert awareness
each wondering of the others intentions
I watched as
coyote went for a drink
then coyote watched
as I wandered into the woods

photo 1. a wee geyser

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Today's Flowers

I would like to thank Today's Flowers for inviting me to be a
'guest friend':
Sunday September 20th.
I am on the road and will not be able to visit everyone in a timely manner,
yet look forward to a visit at some future time.
Please visit folks from around the world as they share photographs of flowers that have moved them to take their portraits!

Many thanks to the TF folks: Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Valkyrien
for hosting this weekly and lovely event!

feel your own deep rhythms
the dance of your personal style of divinity
slow dance
and prance
with the rivers and creeks within
your spirit
this is the grand journey