Deeper into Spring


Thrilled to visit with the lovely Calypso orchids

more commonly called Fairy Slippers

Native stonecrop succulents that slept beneath winter's snow 

have sprung to life in perfection

along with joyous moss

 tis the season for lovely morels
or should I say yummy morels

make two wishes

one for you

and one for our lovely world





Spring treasures


The lovely pasque wildflower is gracing our presence in prairie landscapes.
Just as lovely from the back as it is from the front of their blooms:

Lately we have had Ms. Fox passing through often. 
Sometimes I find her curled up on my lawn, right off my porch. 
Maybe because I don't have domestic pets?

She is a red fox but considered a Cross fox due to her unique coloring.
Right now she is molting, a month ago she was fluffy as can be. 

We know she has at least 3 kits. The papa comes around to play and be with them. 
Spring flowers bloom later here in NW Montana than most places. 
I do anticipate their arrival and am willing to drive hours to be with them. 

Lovely Buttercup

above, spring beauties
also known as fairy spuds
as their corms are edible, but tiny

This handsome garter snake appeared when half the earth was still cloaked in snow. I was surprised to see it out of hibernation. 
I love being surprised by nature as it teaches me its ways. 

Lovely spring to you!