Winter Rocks and Ice

 tiny islands

catching my eyes
my heart

 ice cloaking

 formations exquisite

tiny islands


Yea, Sunshine

the sun drenched life in winter warmth today

entirely unusual for February

we all take note at the lack of snowfall and cold days

wondering what nature is up to

 and look at this unusually shaped conk!

nature wants us to have a double dose:

ending with magical light



Like Tide Pools

days are warm
snow is melting
dripping from the roof

landing on ice cloaked earth

what do i spy
like an anenome
from the sea

far off universes

right before my knees

continuing to be delighted
by ice

a never before seen find


A Grace of Snowflakes

 yesterday it did not snow
yet we were given a grace of snowflakes

(above they are on the surface of my frozen creek)

I have never seen frost grow like this, never
and note the one like a hand holding a snowflake

 they landed on my wooden steps

 upon my car's windshield

 the day before we had a different expression of ice crystals
like roses

one clear evening 
the sky touched our hearts

tomorrow is Imbolc:
Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring

here it does not feel like spring
yet the days are getting longer
in 4 weeks time
  most often i will not need to plow snow again
so i will enjoy these winter days
until spring begins to grace our lives