I drove up the North Fork to glimpse Larry's Cabin going up.
The logs went up in one day!
I think it would be grand to see the sky through the roof regularly.

Once a beautiful day is inhaled
it becomes part of you
the scent
permeates every cell
and lives on in your footsteps

Kintla Lake

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Leaf Aglow

Every leaf brimming with vitality
illustrated with perfection
in the setting of the suns light

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No Worries

She dropped worry
like a coal on fire
with the realization
that her observation
might not truly be
an actuality
might not truly be
in sync
& reality
it might actually be
based on old
or even fantasy
why not simply be

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Flowers and Clouds

There is no more leaning forward towards spring
She is here
fresh rains cleanse our world
earth drinks deeply of melting snows
and spring showers
a thick green coat paints our world
nature is grand
her abundance begins
blue skies and clouds sing: dream and dream and dream
blossoms enhance this song
inspiring new life after a long winter

May spring grace you with her beauty!

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Shrooms and Flies

Spring is here!
Her spirit is in the earth and sky.
Flowers and mushrooms fruit and bloom.

Absorbed in the unique
expression of these mushrooms,
I noticed little eyes near my kneeling knees.

Macros lens are such great fun!
Click to make bigger so that you can see with
great detail the little raised bumps these flies display:

Last night I was so delighted that I could turn off the incessant
buzzing of spring flies with a switch off of the light!

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Buds Dressed in Raindrops

A few days ago I posted two images of buds dressed in rain drops....
So many wonderful comments and guesses were shared. Here are the guesses that came the closest:

Eco Rover suggested: some sort of orchid
Frontier Mom: I vote Lupine...but if it's a Fairyslipper, will you please take another photo of it in bloom?
Caroline: Is it a lady slipper?
Healingstones: is it a wild orchid of some kind - it has that long shape?
Dream With the Fishes: I'm going to take a guess anyway and say some kind of orchid.

The little buds are still developing, not a blooming flower yet
so I will share a photo from last year
I present to you the glorious and lovely scented
tiny little, wild orchid;

Frontier Mom guessed Lupin, but she did have the intuition to name the fairyslipper.
Please contact me ( I don't seem to be able to contact you) so that I can give you a greeting card!

Tolerance or To Be with What Is

Sunday Scribblings and One Single Impression are two writing prompts that are wonderful muses. I enjoy visiting the writers who participate and you might too. Today's prompts are: 'disconnected' and 'tolerance'. In this moment they seem to go together.

It has been said that the earth
can only briefly endure
life out of balance
with her inhabitants
then she will shake and quake
burn and flood
Is this not the truth with all life

To walk
to breath
with lack of awareness
with a heart not present
will surely inspire
a life on fire with floods

Kneeling on the forest floor
mind stills
to listen
chicory chatting a wild tale
birds singing
day a soothing warm
breeze enlivening cool
world greener every day
flowers begin to bloom
as spring deepens

life comes into balance

Is she truly intolerant of our life out of balance
or is it her way to lay languid and purr
in the heat of the day
only to flood and quake the next

To be connected with the earth we walk upon
can be as simple as
into her presence


Water, a treasure

Our days are flavored with rain
light rain
rain as tiny balls of snow
and ice
rain that pours and pounds as sound
upon my metal roof
leaving behind tiny drops
as jewels to dress the new born greens
of spring

After experiencing the fire in Santa Barbara,
the presence of rain
is an obvious gift!

The first person to correctly tell me (I know) in their comment
what flower
the bud in the first and last image
will bloom into
can pick a greeting card from my etsy store, as a gift from me to you.

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Jesusita Fire

While visiting loved ones in Southern California the Jesusita Fire began.
Last fall I was there and the Tea Fire began, I am not sure what to think of my timing!
Wild fires like these inspire fear and sadness -
as well as the coming together of a community to support one another.
Santa Barbara has had three huge wild fires within the period of one year!

From thirty miles away,
smoke like this tells of an immense fire!

Ten miles closer:

Sitting at my son's, we could see the fires roaring up the mountains, explosions igniting in blacks, greens and yellows. Homes threatened and burning:

Sun veiled in smoke:

Home again, today's temps around 50F and rain dances on my ponds.
The earth's cloak turns greener daily, such a difference from the southern land of California!



The world goes on
just fine
even if we pause
step out of the pace
of doing
in the breath
that is inhaled
linger in
the space between
immerse oneself in the exhale
the luscious life
in each and every cell
be intimate for a moment
with breathing
carry this presence into the world

I have stepped out of my Montana world into S. California for a visit.
The air is cool, the skies a gray veil with a ghost of blue peaking through, flowers abound, green hillsides slowly turn golden. Spring here heads towards it's end, as spring back home (Montana) just begins. Flying yesterday inspired being with my breath, it truly can be an intimate experience.