Montana Winter in the Sunshine

the sun beckoned:
come outside 

wander and explore

see the lake 
in silky smooth waters

find icicles dripping
at the shore

if you look closely
snow grew frosty crystals over night

mountains dressed in their winter coats

treasures under the sun's light



Snowflakes and Winter Glimpses

this snowfall: slivers of crystals and star flakes

Until we look close, could we ever imagine the varied crystals of snow that grace our world? 

 above is from a different snowfall

 whitetail deer
winter woodlands

for two weeks
one Arctic Redpoll visited the feeder

makes me wonder how one bird
is here
they are usually a flock type of bird




Mountain Lions

I stepped outside
to have a mountain lion cub
run in front of me

did I really see that?

as the cub moved into the forest

I heard it calling
another responding

two siblings wanting to be near one another

this is the sibling
making its way to the other

notice that its spots are near invisible
that might make it 6 months of age

here is a short video I captured:

that was the first time I have ever seen a mountain lion
in the wild

I have to say it was quite wonder-full!