When the Sun Shines

Lake McDonald is large
(over 10 miles long & 1 mile wide)

this year it's surface is near frozen
(rarely happens)

being frozen
made for easy walking on it's surface

of course I stayed near the shore

morning surprise
an ice crystal world
this time they were kissed with sunlight
such a pretty winter day


Ice Crystals

got down to 4F/-15C last night
I woke to a milky gray day
no sunshine

a forest cloaked in ice crystals 
that look like fairy wings

I love how the lichen on the branch adds 
a bit of color

a wing of crystal
on each and every 
spruce needle

sometimes the magic of winter 
is in the tiny details



Snowflakes and Ice Crystals

gently resting

from the underground

winter garland
for the
Queen of the Fairies

forest treasures

winter blue light

it has been a super cold winter
i believe we have had 6 deep cold spells with nights 
in the minus 17F to -28F
(-27C to -34C)

makes for clear blue skied mornings
(at times)
that freeze ones checks in mere moments

I think of it as a sincere winter



Walking on Water

on the first day of the year
we walked
on frozen water

this narrow canyon
is actually a creek
under this snow
is ice
and under the ice
is flowing water
we could hear it singing 
as it wandered downstream

our journey took us
to frozen waterfalls
with trees high above

the waterfalls had space to walk behind them

a bit magical to experience

water still flowed here and there
adding to the artful forms of ice

after shared snacks and drinks
we turned and wandered back
through the crevice
across another creek
up through a snowy forest
to our cars

a wonderful way to begin