When the Sun Shines

 When the sun lights up the world.....

This is the largest and deepest lake in Glacier National Park.

A beautiful place to simply be.

 Lake McDonald

 I love the little feather do on this one:

 Lovely day to you






Ice crystals


                when the sun peaks over the tall conifer forest and spreads light throughout my little hollow


sparkles of ice crystals that grew through the night light up the world


winter becomes a magical realm of sparkly crystals




A day in the Park, Glacier National Park


along the waters edge

find mystery and majesty

miracles and frozen things

crystalline beauty and charming ice

certainly a lovely paradise 

along the waters edge



Late Autumn


I returned home to find her laying in the sun. I love seeing the furry natives of this land. 

 autumn snow
autumn rain
nature's beauty

morning light begins to paint the world

remembering early autumn 
with this family of fungi

I love seeing the fox as they pass through.... never staying long. 
Which is true of all the wildlife.... 
they are on the move.
Looking at these photos, 
autumn sure does have a color theme.


Autumn turns to Winter

A week ago

I walked along a river, the sun was out, it was lovely and warm. There were rocks cuddled in moss. 

The previous snow had melted away,

it felt like autumn again.

 Western larch, though fading, 

still appeared as golden torches lighting up the mountains.

This seed pod was maybe an inch long. 

I have no idea what plant it is. This close up shows me details my eyes could not see. I am mesmerized at the design for protecting and sending off it's seeds. 

Let me know if you know what it is. 

For two days it has been snowing.

It is a winter wonderland out there.
I plowed for the first time of the season. 

The little birds are busy as can be, 

collecting seeds and seem happy as can be.

I never know who I will see when I look out the window!