Beautiful Autumn


It has been a beautiful Autumn.

The colorful part lasted weeks, yay!


We had lots of sunshine to inspire adventures in the mountains and forests. 


Snow has come and gone many times. 

Though the snow is magical and beautiful, 

it is nice when autumn returns, as winter is a long season here in NW Montana. 

The other day I drove out of the aged golden grasses of autumn 

into the snow clad forest of the mountains. 


Autumn's wanders revealed one of last summers

hummingbird nest. 

Seems one of my little birds friends 

was as curious about it as I was.

Wishing you a lovely autumn 

as we lean towards winter. 




Summer, Beautiful Summer


I drove to the mountains hoping to visit butterflies. When I got to the top of the pass there they were, a 1,000 of them fluttering about is not an exaggeration. 


They were around puddles sipping water absorbing minerals. I wish I had gotten a photo of the multitudes, yet as I approached they took to the air and fluttered around me. So glimpses is what I have to share.


The tiny pond snails are laying their eggs on leaves along the water.


lovely Self Heal is blooming, dotting the woods and meadows with their lovely presence. I am also using it in my tea and made a body oil with it. 


late spring and early summer we have had rains from time to time. Moss plumps up and grows at these times revealing their artful beauty. 


Enjoy each day, seasons come and go swiftly and each one holds its own special gifts.  


lovely summer to you 






Oyster Mushrooms


Yum yum

it is oyster mushroom season

in our area they grow on dead or dying aspen or cottonwood trees

I have found them in three places this week

get out and wander

 they burst through the bark and grow fairly fast, a few days and ready to harvest

These are growing in my yard on a dead aspen tree
this tree not only hosts mushrooms, 
there is a hairy woodpecker family nesting, 
an entire realm going on in this tree

if i had found them in the woods
I doubt I could have reached
yet here at home
a ladder and then a long rake
did the job





Lady Slipper Orchids


This morning I glanced at the soft sunshine pouring through the forest
and wondered if it was kissing the lovely Lady slippers. Camera in hand I wandered into the woods. Sure enough sunlight gently graced the forest and landed on the lovely orchids. 

When I headed out, I thought I would be home soon for a cup of tea, but the forest beckoned me, wrapping an aura of rarified energy around me. I wander through trees, meadows and over hills. Green lush everywhere at this time of year. Flowers sprinkled throughout. Bird song as a companion. 

The forest has that ability, to wrap itself around us in a nurturing way, unwinding any tight places, bringing our breath gently home and mind quiet. It offers us peace and inspiration, inspiring awe for our beautiful world. 



Deeper into Spring


Thrilled to visit with the lovely Calypso orchids

more commonly called Fairy Slippers

Native stonecrop succulents that slept beneath winter's snow 

have sprung to life in perfection

along with joyous moss

 tis the season for lovely morels
or should I say yummy morels

make two wishes

one for you

and one for our lovely world