Under the Watch of the Stars They Grew

under the watch of the stars they grew

presented by the light of the sun

gracing branches like fairy wings

ice crystals 
one of my loves



Spirit of Winter

 it was a dark and cloudy day

wind stirred the lake to dance

snow piled high upon the banks

reflected upon calmer waters
the sky

a place to still one's heart

one's breath

to stroll amongst the details 

and wrap winter's spirit around one's self



So Much Snow!

the sun came out to light our world
hurray hurray

home sweet home in nearly two feet of snow
this week 
this week

(nearly wore me out plowing and shoveling
the good kind of being worn out that is followed by a hot bath and good sleep)

rivers are frozen 
held in shadows and light

snow capped posts falling to the side

something about looking down a river
that inspires the imagination to jump to life
a yearning to wander

and once in a while
sunset thrills us