This Old Tree

time passes
wind thrashes
rains feed they pound
winter storms nestle in every crevice
lightening attacks with a mighty whack
freezing ice expands in every crack
critters burrow
they thrive within
sun feeds as well it ages
this old tree
still it is home to many
many become a feast to others
time passes

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Transformation of a Meadow

Snowy meadow will soon be a short lived lake:

This meadow has two names:
Snowshoe meadow,
because this is where Annie and I like to snowshoe
while we gab and pause to feel the silence.
Bear Meadow,
this is where I saw a big
black bear last spring!

With springs warmer days
the meadow is very lively,
snow melts daily
then turns to ice at night.

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Spring has her own plan~

Before living in NW Montana, I lived in Southern California.
Spring in S. Calif. is GREEN and over flowing with glorious flowers.
The skies are blue and the days are warm.
Not here in Montana!
Check out what I woke up to this morning, 6, yep that is right 6 inches of fresh snow!

Most my friends from home would think this is winter, but there are huge differences.
Today was full of the chatter of birds.
In the depth of winter the birds are rare, it is quiet and still.
XC skiing today, creeks were running; this is so spring.
By the middle of today, so much had changed.
The storm blew by,
trees dancing in the wind
gave flight to their snow laden branches.
The sky went from a gray white to blue:

Living here one has an intimate relationship with nature.
There is no choice.
One must have respect and awareness.
I love this!


Spring Equinox

Tis a time of celebration
welcoming of a new season
today clouds threaten to take over
yet the sun comes out to play from time to time
showing a grand blue sky!
These pictures were taken one after the other
you can see
we have a moody day!

Yes I had to wear my winter boots to get to the pond
sinking a foot and more in the soft melting snow.
Still the bridge where I ate my lunch was dry,
the day warm enough to be barefoot as I
enjoyed my salad with salmon.
Today is the first day I sat outside eating lunch,
perfect on Spring's Equinox!

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Along the Shore

A layer of surface ice
turned to broken shards

wind stirs
with every wave
they wash over one another

song a bit like crickets
a bit like glass
fill the day
not a sweet song
yet a perfect one-time symphony:
Improv for Spring

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The Long Farewell

Two days ago
the sun in all it's glory
spread warm rays upon
our winter land
penetrating a deep blanket
of snow
the long farewell to winter
has begun
a dance between
two seasons is in full swing
one day sunshine smoothes the snow clad meadows
into a sensuous flow

the next day snow in the form of rain
dances on our shoulders
winter is melting

a new spirit is in the air
spirit of new life
dramatic change
grace and beauty
for now
the depth
of winter's end still surrounds
still daily

the great romance
the dance
between winter and spring
as they tango back and forth
who shall reign
back and forth
until one day
bow out
melt away
spring shall

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Spirit of a Crystal

Some things are so rare
so precious
they seem otherworldly

beauty so astounding
it takes
one's breath away

replacing air
with an ethereal

in a timeless way

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Sunny days in our winter land can be quite rare. Yet if one immerses in the days that behold the sun.... they will survive with great spirit.

great spirit is abundant
when inner light
is ones friend

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Winged Journey

life expressed in
written words
thoughts frozen in time
for the person reading it
for the person who wrote it
each writing
each reading
a butterfly
alighting on one flower
then the next
come and go
feeling now
thought now
action now
is ours

fly freely

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