Spring Walk, Today

walking through the woods
my first wildflowers of the year
so tiny, i almost missed them

tiny fungi, big color
(ascomycetes, perhaps)

the top of a young pine tree
(if you were wondering)

last nights raindrops adorn moss

first and only violet that i saw
i did not eat this one

so tiny, i nearly did not see this family of five
(perhaps a Mycena)

illumined in sunlight

Spring is beginning to burst
still a subtle thing
but if you look real closely
it is bursting


Spring Ice

the sun came out

inspired a walkabout

this creek was found

cloaked in bijou of ice

sang a song
of bubbles and flowing waters
dressed in soft light



Spring Walk with Lucy

our eyes were on the ground a lot
me on rocks

Lucy and I on tracks

of wolf

also deer

we saw our first butterflies of the year

such beauties all

and every pond of water

found Lucy wading through

and every pile of snow
a place to rest as well

tiny details to behold

looks like plants within a rock

a spring walk

on a beautiful day