River of Life


I sit along the river
running as she goes
listening as she flows
music to the waters of my soul 

her spirit permeates
thoughts they do abate
I let her jolly dance
be my only song
stilling inner waters

it is in the light of the sun
rocks the river runs among
ice tinkling in the flow
mix of air that is quite rarefied


symphony surprise
complete romance
a mundane stance
perfect stage
inner divine dance
gives rise

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River Otter

Circling Circle

circling circle of
dancing in the rivers tides
for now
the dance is in one place
yet mix of sun and rivers dance
invite the ice
to blend and find another form
later this day
we only find
that water flows
and ice no more

We stood on the bank watching this large circle swirl, round and round. 
On the far side we heard and saw a river otter. Both rare and wonderful sightings. 
We watched the otter and the otter watched us.

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An Invitation


lie your head upon my shoulder
rest upon my breast
find peace within my beating heart
warmth within my kiss
this sweet sweet love
taste deeply
nurturing bliss

* photo: Fireweed bud


OWOH Winners


One World One Heart Blog Festival has ended. What a marvelous time it has been to wander about he global world of artful blogs and meet new people!

Congratulations to my Two Winners:


Summer flowers to thank all 414 of you for your visits! 

photo 1. wild shooting stars
photo 2. wild honeysuckle
ummm I can almost smell summer


Bounty of Gold

in unexpected places
golden gems surprise us
and give rise
to the beauty
that lies deep within us
often found in our stillness
a bounty of gold

I have yet to capture the beauty of snowflakes
in a way that honors them.
Still these little piles of preciousness
charm me!
In honor of Valentine's Day,
may the spirit of love dance in your life.

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Eternal Breath

I see you in a single crystal
in each and every facet
I feel you in a single flower
in each and every petal
you change my stance
with outstretched arms
of the branches of each tree
when the sun lights you
when the shadows hide you
it is in the essence
that I find you
you hide and thrive
within all life
planted in the seeds
and human heart
the eternal promise
of being palpable
for each to find you
to merge with
eternal breath

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Shadows and Light

light of the sun
permeates your watery body
hidden treasures revealed
for a moment
a passing cloud gracefully shifts our gaze
resting on shadows
tis a dance of shadows and light
this life
a dance of shadows and light

photos: ice floating on lake water

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