Solar Eclipse

Today was the full solar eclipse. 
Where I live, NW Montana, the eclipse was only partial. 
I did not have special glasses to watch the moon cloak the suns light, 
still I wanted to be outside under the veiling light. 

The light did change, 
a bit like the world looks with sunglasses on, less bright, a bit darker, a softness to life’s edges. 

I walked around the forest and meadow coming to our dirt road where the shadows of the alder trees danced on the ground.  

I noticed the shapes of the shadows!

it was the eclipse painted on the earth over and over again

so that is where I stopped to watch the veiling and unveiling of the sun

 as the minutes passed
the light crescent shapes grew larger
as the moon passed between the sun and us

the shadows were expressed a bit different
through the giant spruce tree

I was delighted and kissed with awe

endlessly nature offers magic for us to discover

the moon had nearly passed the sun above

last I looked
full circles of light danced on the road

the fullness of the sun's light 
has returned to our day



August in the Park

at the top of the mountains
flowers are still blooming

colors seem to be softening under the heat of summer's sun

clear waters
sooth the heat of the days

clouds dance along the peaks
as though they are the mountain's breath

daydream beautiful