Shades of Blue

how many shades of blue
do you think there are
I see endless
when we get to the end of endless
how many shades of white
do you sense there are
most likely endless

consider green
how many greens do we find in our world
I find that greens are
1) Lake McDonald- sunset
2) Indian Pipe
3) Glacial Waters

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Glacier National Park

entering the wilds
of your land
fingers of your presence reach out
and touch me
fingers like sunlight
pouring through a forest of trees
surround and enter my being
like a fearless lover
wanting to know the flesh of my heart
the flesh of my spirit
the flesh of my soul
opening to your caress

1) McDonald Creek
2) Lake McDonald

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allowing all directions
to permeate inner
and outer sight

walking earth
supportive friend
open to sky
gift of wisdom

taking in the energies
north south east
air earth fire

allow penetration
at a cellular vibration

yin yang
feminine masculine
dark light

dance the spirals
the circle of life

an intimate
relationship with life
the divine

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Sunset Sky in Montana

These photos are of one evening:

the sky fills you
you fill the sky

the earth supports you
your body is made of earth

your world alight
via eyes

you are the music life hears
hear the song of birds
your heart beat

we are the world
the world is us


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Essence of Raindrops

dollops and drips
of watery light
ignite in subtle brilliance
their charm beckoning
to any minute parched
bits of life
partake of me

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Summer Storm

she arrived dancing wildly on the roof
torrential cleansing of the nooks and crannies
she even washed away the summer heat
and when she left
the world no longer thirsted for her presence
for now she runs through their veins
and they adorn their bodies
with her gem like beauty

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Water and Light

the lyrical presence of light
in dapples and streams
for our delight

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A Grand Elixir

come and whisper in my ear
what I need to hear
spoken from a sincere heart
to the spirit of the lake

gently stepping over mossy rocks
to a depth of water that one can then glide into
taking in the visible beauty of the world around
there is the glory of the sky for ceiling
held in the arms of a lively forest

mushrooms and flowers as companions
heart enlivened
to sense more deeply
into the nature of the moment

looking with more than eyes
into the invisible
of what is visible
a grand elixir

view becomes vast like an ocean
the world transforms
into a sensuous amalgamated entity
no longer the same woman
the world is my lover and I feel like a bride

1) wild-campanula
2) Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park
3) ponderosa Forest
4) wild-larkspur
5) wild-false hellebore

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Ask a Butterfly

Inhaling the fragrance of a flower
is to be touched by its spirit
for at least a moment
perhaps eternity
one becomes kindred
with the flower
there is no other possibility
simply ask a butterfly

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Anticipate the Arrival

to be receptive
for a dawning of inspiration
is to open with tender anticipation
for the dearest of friends to arrive
knowing full well that they will

be open
for the friend could look
different than ever imagined
tis the nature of
divine inspiration

top flower: wild chives
bottom: mountain death camas

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