Montana Glimpses

some folks put stars on the tops of their Christmas tree
do you think it is inspired by the natural star on top of a fir?

awe inspiring

when the air is warmer than the earth 
the mist does rise and wander through the land

a mystical morning

when the air is super cold
lovely crystals greet us

new snow graced the world

lovely days
nights to you


Ice Crystals

this tiny frosty leaf caught my eye
it wasn't until I got it on the computer that I saw the frost in shapes like flowers!
I had never seen this before

I love the endless wonders of our world!

when the sun appears
tiny spheres of snow melt become gems 
adorning the golden Western larch needles

it's been 
a lot
like this lately

wishing you a lovely week



Snow Stars

scattered here and there

snow stars

from the sky

they barely stood out against the icy snow

another of winter's treasures



Tiny House

Who lives down this tiny hole? 
See the ice crystals? 
They are a sign of breath, something warmer than the air. 
Tiny little tracks from the critter coming and going also there. 

when the snow begins to melt, a stepping stone path is darker than the grass in between, so it melts first:

a bit like a ginger bread house
with icing sliding off:

I love it when the snow crashes off the roof
always wishing there were children there to hoot in glee with me

There are so many enchanting wonders in winter.




Snow snow snow

snow falling
little chickadee
all fluffed up

 snow falling
forest cloaked in white
in the tip top of a tree a hawk sits
viewing the world from high
(a Rough legged hawk)

 (chickadee was at home, hawk down the road, so little bird is safe)

it has been a snowy week
which often happens this time of year
but more snow than usual

I plowed for the first time this season
that seems early

it is so pretty

Any thoughts on how this circle 
on my frozen pond came to be?
I have never seen that happen before.
Maybe wind swirling around the tiny island?




autumn leaves
under ice
seasons shift


pond mandalas

endless expression

snow stars began
our snowy storm
ethereal spirit

I woke to the low of 30F/-1C
Temps are dropping
not the usually rising during the day
28F at the moment

and so it goes
seasons changing