Apprentice for a Season

To all of you, by friends of blogland
I thank you for your caring friendship and wonderful visits!
When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of gratitude. 
I feel grateful for each of you. 
Thank you for being in my life. 


opening slowly
with quiet listening
my heart greets winter

taking in the details of each day
and night
temperatures that drop
a blanket of snow that cloaks all life

I will be your apprentice
feeling with my heart
listening with
ears and eyes
blending with my
skin and spirit

I invite you
into my dreams
lift my spirit to take flight
into the realm of winter wonderland

in this season
what will you instill in me


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I was just visiting  a wonderful artist Beth's Blog: Beth's Artworx and found that she had honored my blog and art on her Fat Tuesday Post;
I feel so honored! 

Feel free to join in on her wonderful Tuesday posts and visit one another.



Pause ~

to rest in the quiet places
both within yourself
and in the world around
sense and follow your breath
perhaps consider
that your breath
is the same breath
that inhabits
each lovely flower
and then each seed


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