A Mountain Drive

winding along
a mountain road

where water does flow

and flowers do grow
(tiny Spotted Saxifrage) 

looking over the edge
at the bushland 
a multitude of winding creeks and a beaver home

pillow of pollen

waterfalls arriving from the inner realm
through a crack in a mountain 

a mossy island
natures grace

colorful pebbles,
eye candy

delighted at each bend of the road


Buck in Velvet

he rose 
to leap over bushes

leaving his scent 

looking in all directions

wearing his antlers of

shooting stars:

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Honoring Wildflowers & a Bear

 these are tiny wee flowers
yes two words for small to emphasize 

Russethair Saxifrage
amongst other names

so tiny that i didn't notice their spots of color
until i see them larger on my computer

being enchanted in their presence
i nearly did an entire post on them

the enchanting pipissewa, above


such a lovely time of year

we were blessed
with the spotting of a black bear rooting around
in the distance

flowers in their best attire
(Lewis Monkey-flower)


It's the Season of Fawns

even though this post is about fawns
i am leading with a Many Glacier Lake

twins are common
and adorable

but look

two mammas and three fawns
they all wander about together

a tender moment

Upper Two Medicine Lake

Summer is in Full Swing


Mountain Goat

 what is this youngster considering?

it has a destination in mind

dashing through the water

journey to the other side

so fun to get to witness wildlife in action