One World One Heart

Greetings and Welcome to Spirithelpers
and the 5th and last

 OWOH is a chance to share what we are passionate about,
inspire and be inspired
to make friends.

wander down nature's paths with me

inhale the scent of wildflowers

enjoy glimpses of the tiny details 

feel the  wild vast beauty of our natural world

let our planet uplift your spirit 

and inspire you endlessly

I hope you will stop by again as I look forward to getting to know you

Two people will win this year!

Each gift will be a set of 5 greeting cards.
The winners will choose the images they love!

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winners will be announced February 17th 2011

I wish you a lovely journey as you wander the world of blogs
experiencing the one heart of our world

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visit OWOH and join us!

Many thanks to:
Lisa Swifka: A Whimsical Bohemian, the host and creator of this event


Inhale Exhale

 wispy and lingering
clouds hover around mountain tops
as though a breath exhaled by the masters
inhaled by our eyes
dispersed in our bodies
exhaled through our pores
essence of life
shared by all





Winter's Joy

 rambling in the woods
crusty snow beneath my boots
cacophonous alarm
to sylvan dwellers near and far
dropping to my knees
treasuring what I spy 
winter crystals

a delightful

a few days ago
following tracks in the woods
I stirred up a mammal that I have never seen

we think it is a mink or fisher
larger than a house cat:





when I feel into you
with soft eyes
an open heart
true spirit

found is the promise of new life
actions that bring harmony
to our world

rightful living
in balance
with the gift we have been given; life

I pledge to meet each day with a willing heart
to greet and treat each day
with honor and my best
to seek the highest ground 
cherish each breath

as we have faith in the rising and setting sun
I have faith in the heart
within all life

please join me in greeting a new year
with your lovely heart
and your beautiful spirit:
Welcome 2011!

it is winter here
yesterday I woke to -20F 
still, as we enter a new year
flowers feel perfect to me

new life

for Bill and his mom

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