Frozen Lake


Autumn gold



winters frozen breath of ice

twas a beautiful day at the lake

when the sun comes out to show off the beauty of our world

I try to be out under its lovely light

for our winters tend to be cloudy

The lake shore was frozen for quite a ways into the lake

yet there were windows in the ice revealing treasures below

the artful expression of nature

appears to be endless and whimsical at times

some winters

and this lake does not freeze at all

there were people walking on this ice.....

so fun to see ice forming in a myriad of shapes and different transparencies

I hope you have enjoyed the glimpses of Lake McDonald

in winter wonderland





I donned my xc skis and headed out through the forest to the big back meadow.

Though it is above freezing the snow did not stick to my skis and it was nice to glide around. 
Returning home I remembered I needed to collect sticks to start tomorrows fire. 
As I did so, the birds followed me for seeds and they make wee chirping sounds to let me know they are there and to feed them. 
But then there was another sound…. Maybe more high pitched, after the 3rd time I felt a need to figure it out. 
Look at who I saw, a curious little ermine! A sweet way to start a new year. 

 Lovely New Year to you All