Endless Beauty

walking at the feet of stone cathedrals
through fields of flowers
proud trees

inspires sighs
adjusting ones breath
to open ones heart
to meet your beauty

flowers galore

not to forget
the magical details

natures perfect art

glorious water falling



Summer Begins

I headed to the mountains for
Summer Solstice 

patches of tiny twinflowers

frothed-up plant sap
made by the froghopper bug
quit magical looking up close

the clouds
appeared and disappeared 
throughout the day
moody or bright

larkspur often look as though they are dancing
to me

these flowers, dogbane,
seem to be celebrating life

spring did not offer many mushroom sightings
there were a family of these
on an old dead log
love how they came up through bug holes

heading home....

one poppy bud this year
it bloomed on Summer Solstice!

Lovely Summer to you All!


Dear Deer

oh my
the dear deer!

just a few days ago
I spotted these two heading across my yard

this little one must have been 
just born
that morning
or during the night

it was so tiny
yet so alive
full of instincts and inborn knowledge

such a joy to see!



Baby Ground Squirrels

Walking across my yard
which is meadow land at the edge of forest 

hoping to photograph dragon and damselflies with my macro lens

when I noticed movement

though they were very aware
they didn't seem to notice me
maybe they thought me a tree

they wandered into the sunlight
near my feet

for greens

a couple of them came quite close 

this photo is to show you how small they look

I don't think mamma would be to happy with how close they came to me

soon she will have them trained to be more careful

I hope you enjoyed these wee critters
they are much better in photos than digging holes in one's yard!