Autumn Equinox

like a sweet lingering kiss
two seasons
Summer and Autumn have been dancing



like a season within themselves
perhaps we could call it "Sum-umn"

 two seasons summoning a new season

Autumn is here and colors abound


lake stones

a few 

alpine flowers still flourish

critters still mating

a time of harvest and celebrating
gone to seed

magical light

beautiful sunsets

i wish one and all a lovely change of season

Happy Equinox


Italian Mountains

sharing some high mountain beauty with you
I wish i knew the name of these Italian mountains
we were in the north, not far from Switzerland
Dagmar from Barefoot from Heaven 
tells me these are the Dolomieten (Dolomites) mountains
thank you Dagmar xo

my sister, Wyndi drove us up up up 
into the mountains
my niece, Sofia and I had to stop over and over to take photographs!

Wyndi thank you for sharing the beauty of Italy with me!


Kokanee Salmon

in the clear creek
they swam

their colors a sight to behold

the ritual of

in deeper waters; an unedited artful image:

it was such a thrill to get to see them!


Italy's Clear Mountain Water

Italy's high mountain water
and colorful rocks

sparkling clear

bubbling music for all to hear

ripples and reflections a delight

beauty in life always feels right


Welcome to Italy

I thought I would share some Italian beauty with you

I am here visiting my sister and family

I love that every time I looked out at Lake Garda it wears a new cloak
whether a new color or texture 
waves of deep green brown big enough to make me think it a sea
to silvery calm under the fat blue moon

if you would enjoy seeing the frescoes (paintings) I have found on some  Italian buildings
visit my other (art) blog: