Early Spring

meadows of snow
turn to creeks and lakes

along edges artful ice bathed in shadow

and sunlight

colors and shapes
reflections that dance

colored by last autumns grass

 and shadows
grace ongoing snow
early spring


Spring is a SLOW slow dance in NW Montana

first day of spring
half way to the longest day of sunlight

woke to fresh snow

though spring is here
winter lingers with farewells

this side of the world
Happy Spring
the other
Happy Autumn!



Blue Skies....

it was a blue skied day
so i took to the road
to visit snow capped mountains

converse with aspen birch and pine
dressed in sunlight and shadows
to meet with subtle yet true signs of spring

to listen to the songs of creeks river and lapping lake 
along the rock adorned shore

the sort of day that enhances spirit

opens the heart

to the breath of life

it was a blue skied sunshiny day


North Fork, Montana

 the charming cabin i called home for 3 days

 found a nest with eggs made of snow 

north west entrance to Glacier National Park, Rocky Mountains

 afternoon above

 frosty morning and frozen river

 skiing along the steaming river, mighty cold at -10F/-26C
twas even colder during the night

 shadows were long

 and gray blue

this week, one day
the snow fell in the shape of stars
captured on Lucy's fur
(Lucy is a dog)

i love it when snow falls in the shape of stars