Tiny Spheres, Mist and Light

a glorious summer walk today
found mist in a wee tiny web
entering another realm
how many realms exist in our world

to shift our perception 
from the mundane
to the tiny
we are changed

amongst tiny moss:

Summer Beauty
to each and all


Tiny and Precious, Forget Me Not

tiny and blue
lavender in hue
even dressed in pink
yellow and white
donning dew drops
a summer's delight
forget me not
our tiny summer flower

sharing with Lisa Chaos:


Lovely Solstice to One and All

 we now enter the season 

baby fruits have begun their journey

in a month or so to become

a huckleberry!

Lovely Solstice to one and all!


The Novica Recipient is:

wandered about Montana for a couple of days
camped under the stars 
along a roaring river

flowers are budding

and blooming


and moose delighting

in the cusp of Spring
leaning into Summer

amazing to think that we are on the verge of the longest day of our year

here in NW Montana
sunset on Summer Solstice, June 20, 2012
will be at 9:43 PM
16.1 hours of daylight

the sweet smelling
sweet tasting
wild roses 
are blooming
I am pleased to announce the winner of the 
$50 gift certificate


Mushrooms and Novica!

tis a rainy season
inspiring fruit of the earth
to rise through the dirt
bathing in gentle forest light

some a gourmet delight!
(above) the highly sought after Morel

two always catch my eye
like friends
or lovers

squirrels carry mushrooms into trees.... 
such a treat for me to find!

Once again, our friends at Novica,
in association with National Geographic
would like to give my wonderful blog friends a gift for appreciating natural beauty, our natural world and hand crafted arts.

 I chose the above earrings as a gift. 
They are lovely, well made and came in a beautiful handmade box!
The winner of my random drawing with receive a
$50 gift 
certificate to spend as they wish at Novica.

perhaps in one of these catagories:

simply leave a comment to be included in the give away
if you would like to leave me a mushroom message
but no gift certificate
simply say "no gift"
the winner will be chosen June 18,2012


A Forest Walk

twas a dark and rainy day
lush and green as well
perfect for the fungi folk
to rise from the earth
becoming treasures
for us to find

this was the first time for me
to meet these swollen
TINY mushrooms


the rivers are rising
with snowmelt
and Spring rainfall



White Shooting Stars

a forest walk reveals
spring flowers scattering the earth
for my first time i did find
shooting stars cloaked in mostly white


some a lovely mix of cream and violet

more commonly they are a vibrant violet pink