Spring Forest & Happy Birthday!

land holds tales of grace and gold
tales we wish that we'd be told
yet when we listen
with our eyes
and toes
the silent mysteries rise and fold
their wings of past
and present
around our soul
and we now know that we are
part of the tales
the land does


Today I wish my beautiful son, Jesper
Happy Birthday!
May your new year overflow with days that feel wonderful to you!

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Spirit Dined on Green Today

spirit dined on green today
rich green
soft green
bright green

thrived and fed on light today
colors showing colors glowing
in the form of sky and field

reveled in the give of forest under feet
found joy in the flight of buoyant clouds
breathed out
our glorious world

spirit dined on green today


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Honoring the Lovely Pasque

Wandering the foothills of the eastern Montana Rocky Mountains

we found these lovely Pasque wildflowers

heads raised to the glorious sun

luxuriating in Spring

a real treat, as I had never met them before
I felt quite enchanted by them


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Becoming Spring

in the north we ride
the wave of seasons
winter pulled us under a deep cloak
of quietude
springs sprightly presence
teases our spirit to the surface

wandering a trail
in the wilds of Montana
feeling each cell of my body
and spirit
tremble and open
to meet new life

light pours from the sun
days imbued in blue skies
dancing clouds
earth wears a cloak of greens
sprinkled with
pristine essence
presence of wildflowers

I am Spring

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Buds Blossom to Fruit

an offering of beauty
a promise
a gift will arrive

when you eat fruit
know a flower came first

Wishing everyone a wonderful time
celebrating Mothers.

Happy Mother's Day!